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"What if Cannabis Cured Cancer"

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Something to think about...Following the screening of the documentary, "What if Cannabis Cured Cancer" at the 2010 Sausalito Film Festival, four distinguished panelists take the stage to discuss the film and its implications for cancer treatment. They inclu...


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This is an interesting subject. I wonder if some studies were done in the relationship between cannabis drug users and prostate cancer occurrence.
With so many studies done on diet (China Study) and supplements but none on this particular type of “cigarettes”, one should think that we are all sleeping on the reality.
There are so many countries where cannabis is not prohibitive and easy to “reach”.
Why ?????


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The subject interest me (as with any drug to assist/help/cure cancer)… from what I read marijuana is medically recognized to help with many aliments by smoking or ingesting but the cancer studies I have read use concentrated forms of one compound or another found in cannabis…Why the federal government made it illegal 65 years ago or so after 1000’s of years of medical use in unknown except the obvious that some special interest group wanted it illegal… It will be interesting what the future brings...

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