CLL and Chemo regiment. Anyone know symptoms of medication?

Crinic_001 Member Posts: 2
I was diagnosed with CLL about two years ago. Over the last couple years at 6 month intervals, my white count was going up about 15k each time. Just recently (last 6 months)with two check ups, my platelet count was dropping. My Oncologist recommended that I start Chemo.

My doc said the side effects of the particular medications I will take- both pill and infusion, that the side effects shouldn't be to sever. Slight fluey symptoms, mild fatigue and possibly an upset stomach. He also said that I don't need to worry about my hair falling out (not that I really care about that).

Then I go in for my training (never had Chemo before). The registered nurse-trainer went over a slew of information and then took a look at the medications I would be on... Her comments were not very comforting. She stated that likely I would lose my hair, have bouts of fatigue, upset stomach and would need to be very careful of not getting sick or infections.

I can't remember what the infusion medication is but the pills are:
Allopurinol and Fludarabine

Has anyone taken these and if so what symptoms did you experience?

PS I will get the info on my infusions tomorrow when doc is in.