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I have not been on here in a while, just been reading posts that others have written. Just "lurking" as others have said they so sometimes.
Yesterday I was at a meeting, and I looked around the room at all the other people and wondered what it was like when things were so called "normal"? I feel like an alien from another planet right now. I don't feel like I function like other people since this beast called cancer entered my life last year. I am depressed everyday, don't want to go to work, afraid that the days with my mother and grandmother are winding down and don't know if I can handle it when it comes.


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Cancer is tough to live with for the caregivers and the patient. It is "normal" to feel "not normal".

That having been said, Angie, it may be time for you to speak with your doctor about getting some help for yourself, especially if you think tougher times are coming up.

You are not alone in your feelings.


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It is amazing what we can handle. That doesn't mean it is easy, but somehow most of us handle what life and death bring our way. You have a new normal now. I'm not sure what normal is anyway. Cancer affects our lives in so many ways. You are stronger than you think. Hang in there. Fay

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Thanks Angie and grandmafay. I think you are right, I think that its past time for me to go to the doctor. I am 49 and unfortunately think that I am going through pre-menopause or full menopause or something that is causing me to feel this way. Usually I am pretty optimistic. Just a bad day, unfortunately. My mother has been down lately and that has affected the way I have been feeling also. Trying to be strong for them and feeling like I have no one to share the way I really feel is so draining some days. Thank you for letting me come her and complain.
Love to all- Angie

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