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I´m an Spanish man living in Spain. So please acept my apologizes if my english is not too good .

My father in law, now 85 years old, has suffered a head and neck angiosarcoma, wrongly diagnosed in 2006. Three years later, he was considered inoperable and said, no other treatment was possible, after five surgeries and 32 radiation treatments; all without success. After that, he was treated by a doctor with alternative techniques (electrotherapy, ozone therapy, high doses of Omega 3 DHA, mincroinmunoterapia, diet, nutritional supplements and herbal medicine. Since then the various tumor foci have been stabilized, reduced and, finally, they have disappeared. For almost 8 months there have been no new active focus and his latest analytical and tomography have been normal.
Now I am writing a blog telling the story of this case and our experiences , hoping it can help other people now that actually or in the future could be affected by an angiosarcoma. The Blog can be viewed at the following link:


Surgery, that is,normally the first election is not a very good election unless it is radical or wid very wide margins or when the surgeons use "Mohs" surgery.

Radiation have not worked in our case, six month after, angiosarcoma was there again. And sometimes radiation as treatment for another canceres cause angiosarcoma, after some time.

Chemo, till now, is not very effective for angiosarcoma. And so I have said for several oncologist I have asked .

In our case electrotherapy has worked quite well because the angiosarcoma was on head and neck.Electroteraphy has removed the tumour locally. Then to avoid its reproduction or metastasis we have used ozonoteraphy and other treatments I have said above. So I suggest people diagnosed with angiosarcoma find a doctor who practices electrotherapy, and talk with him about than posibility.
After that and to prevent a possible distance metastasis, i suggest control your diet, and take antioxidants and reinforce your inmune sistem. Ozonoteraphy, was a very good option in our case.

I also recomend the reading of the book "Anticancer", written for David Servan Schreiber. It was also very helpful in our case.

Surgery, that is,normally the first election is not a very good election unless it is radical or the surgeons use "Mohs" surgery.

I hope this can help somebody to treat angiosarcoma . Remove angiosarcoma, is in fact really very difficult; but as my father in law case, has proved, till now, not impossible.

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Where did your father-in-law do his Electrotherapy?

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Hi, I read your post and I found the treatmement you describe very interesting. My son, a boy, has been diagnosticated an epitelioid angiosarcoma in the sacrum, with secondary lesions in the stern, ribs and verterbras. Now we are waiting for a meet-up with the phisicians (maybe on Monday) to plan a therapy. As the lesions are multiple and located in the spine, I believe that no surgery will be possible. We have not many hopes that traditional chemotherapy and radiotherapy will be really effective, and I am worried because the collateral effects on a boy could be wery tough. I saw your father-in-law's sarcoma was on the skin, so I don't know if the treatment with electrotherapy an ozonotherapy is suitable for my son. I want to have more informations. Can you please tell me who is the oncologyst who took care of him? And where?
You can reply in Spanish, I an Italian and even if I can't write, I will understand. Thank you for your help.

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