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I have recently been diagosed with Jaundice. I go into hospital tommorrow for a scope to see if my gallstones are blocking my bile ducts. My daughter told me this past weekend that my eyes were yellow. I told her that was not nice to say to someone with liver cancer. My skin has been very itchy to where it wakes me up at night. Just wanted to know if anyone else has been through this and can comfort me some.


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Hello Robin. I haven't experienced jaundice or the itchy skin, but I am hoping you are thru with the scope you were scheduled for today. I am sure the doctor can help you with the itchiness. Please let us know how it went today.

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Hi robin my husband has had yellow eyes since he was diagnosed in Nov 2010. They continue to keep track of his billirubin counts. Actually it is kind of strange I can tell how well he feels by how his eyes look. Prayers Kim

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Hello Robin,
I have stage 4 colon cancer with mets to liver, jaundice was one of the indicators that sent me to the hospital in the first place for exam and later the cancer Dx...tumors were blocking the billiary duct in my liver causing a buildup of bile , now, after surgrey (to remove tumor from colon) and a year of chemo (which removed tumors from liver )I still have a Biliary drain in my liver,(external drain / flush to bag) and the indication of jaundice is one the things that I am acutely aware of as to the condition of that drain and its need to be replaced, it starts with the itchy skin (ankles and shins in particular in my case , I spray on benadryl for temorary relief so I can get to sleep ) and eventually yellowing skin and eyes , in my case (as bile backs up in the liver ) the bowel movement will decrease in thier normal color till putty or gray, also pressure of the built up bile in the liver will cause pain. when a temporary stent was put in a year or so ago the relief was almost immediate, as it has been each time the drain has been replaced, my objective now is to be aware of what is going on and to not let it get to the stage where I become Jaundice... thats my rambling story, hope there is some info in ther you might use.. sorry about the spelling, I see no spell checker on the site , typing is hard enough ..

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This itching is driving me crazy. I was in hospital this week and they put in stint. I cannot tell if anything is better yet or not. My eyes are not so yellow. I have not had any pain. This is a bit ridulous all these other symptoms that we get. Isnt cancer enough? I go back to the doctor next week to see if he needs to place permanent stints.

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"This is a bit ridulous all these other symptoms that we get. Isnt cancer enough?"

we have many definitions of cancer, one was it just keeps on taking. that the one i like.

so the symptoms of the cancer or the side effects of the treatments like radiation and or chemo all have to be dealt with.

i just did the best i could do each day at each step. try and smile and enjoy your day.


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