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could use some input here

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hey guys, will give the short version, i had my 2nd colon resection in feb, there were 2 small tumors that they couldnt get to one on the abdominal wall the other on my diaphram, was a candadit for cyberknife but that was ruled out, now its radiation, but they also want to chemo as well, i had 10 rounds of chemo after the first surgery than was on avastin, my question i guess is cant i just do radiation and not chemo as well?? has anyone done just radiation and had good results, my health is great...well accept for the cancer...joking, chemo was tough and if it can be avoided that would be great seems that both while working and the kids would be double,any and all input from you guys would be great, thank you guys so much!!!! Tommy!

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Tommy -

There are alternatives to chemo and radiation, if that's
what you're looking for.

You can poke around my "blog" for some ideas, if you so desire.

There are no guarantees with anything when it comes to cancer,
but choosing something that won't make conditions worse,
may be a worthwhile choice......

Regardless if you choose "mainstream" or an "alternative", you should
never "look back" and attempt to second guess your choices if things
go sour. The best of physicians never "look back" when they lose
a patient, so why should you?\

Cancer is a tough deal, and no-one denies that. Try not to fear
trying other things; it may just save some trouble for you, if not
your life!

Take your time, and try to lose the fear of having cancer,\\

Your decisions will be better without "fear" influencing them.

Best hopes for good health,


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I have not had experience with radiation but I've had experience with chemo. I do think they often give chemo when doing radiation with the plan being that it would kill any stray cells that are let lose from radiation. Of course, there are differing opinions as to whether it works or not but plenty of people have done that and have had success.

The thing that that really stinks with cancer is that one approach does not work for everyone. Plenty of people have been cured by what are termed "alternative treatments" and many have not. Similarly, many have been cured by "traditional treatments" and many have not. I have gone the traditional route and have absolutely no regrets. Like John said, choose a plan and go with it. Try not to second guess your choice. You will find people who think what you are doing is "wrong" but they are not you so screw 'em. They can make their own decision if they wind up in your shoes. Also, you have to keep in mind that if something is NOT working at all, then it may be time to revisit your choice and see what options you have.

I've gone the traditional route and have absolutely no regrets. I also have (what I feel are) a great oncology team. That helps a lot too IMO
Best to you...
Sorry I gave a long non-answer but it's up to you. (maybe try what's behind door #3?)

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always like to hear from you phil, we chatted a couple years ago before this nonsense came back, keep jammin my friend!!!

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sorry to hear about your 2nd resection.

i had chemo and radiation at the start to shrink the tumour but that is a different senario.

you mentioned your health is great, thats a positive and will really give you an edge.

now philliwg was gate 3

john can be gate 2

my preference was too choose both gates at the same time.

let us know how you get on.



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thanks pete!!!! keep up the fight!!!!

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