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Thank you! Mark is having an okay day!

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Mark wasn't doing too well this morning so I went to work (I had to) and came right home to the hospice nurses coming over in the afternoon. We discussed how he was feeling (which btw he is having a good day) He did get up too fast this morning and his knees buckled a couple of times and dropped a couple of glasses but it is all good. The nurses are going to come back tomorrow with a shower bench for him. His ankle/foot swelled again and the nurses him to cut back on the salt. He has lost his tastebuds from the radiation and still has thrush. He isn't as confused today and like I said having a good day. Me...I became totally exhausted and took a very long nap. A much needed nap. The social worker was here with the nurses and said that I can call at anytime if I have questions/issues and the like. I am glad that someone invented/founded the hospice organization. I can't imagine what it was like without them!

Thanks for listening and letting me vent. I consider CSN my blog/journal of my husband's journey and I hope that what I write people can have a bit of information on what goes on with my loved one who has Stage IV lung cancer with mets and is not having any type of chemo treatment. Everyday is a new day with a different set of issues (once in a great while no issues). I really appreciate the feedback too which I don't expect. I just like to notate everything that is going on with my husband.

Again thanks for listening!

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luz del lago
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Kelly, I am glad that Mark's day was an okay one. Also, that you were able to get a good nap in.

Hospice is a blessing! It sounds as if you have an excellent and compassionate group.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us. I, too, shared my husband's journey. It was amazing the support and care I've received. It was a comfort to share with folks that knew what I was going through.

Sadly, many have experienced the loss, since I lost my beloved husband. I feel I gave something to some of those. You are doing that too. These experiences, these moments can only be told by ones that are going through it. Yes, books and site info can be helpful, but to be able to read the loving words of a caregiver, a spouse, a child, a friend is very special.

Take care, dear one. I pray that you and Mark have more "good" days in the days to come.


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Glenna M
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Kelly, I have been following your journey with your husband but I don't think I've ever responded before.

Just wanted to let you know that we are all here for you and we are following your posts in hopes that things will get better for both of you.

Yes, Hospice is the most amazing organization. We had to use it for my brother and they made his passing so peaceful and pain free. They are a wonderful group of caring people who not only help your loved one but are there for you also.

Stay strong,

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Hello Glenna,

Thank you for following my posts. You did reply to me on April 7 because I was worried about my husband.

Today Mark had an okay day unfortunately he missed the call from the social worker. I ended up calling hospice administration and told them to call me on my cell because he won't answer the phone. I hope that they listened. In a few minutes we are expecting a shower chair..yeah! Now he can take a shower without the fear of falling.

Sorry so short but I have to go and puree his dinner.

Thanks for listening!

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