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trying to find out about cancer fighting foods!!!!!!

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My mother inlaw has been diagnosed with lung cancer, she hasnt gone for the biopsy yet to find out what stage it is in she goes on tuesday. She is having symtoms tho thats how it was found, she thought she had a chest infection that just didnt go away. Im just wondering if there are lung cancer survivors willing to share there storied or anyone to give me suggestion to help the situation. If she has hope we are all in it to fight for her and with her. Please if anyone can help....

Sincerely Samantha

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get a copy of the following books

the china study
outsmart your cancer
healing with whole foods

start now...consume none of the following.
no dairy products at all,no cheese,milk,butter,etc.
no sugar,white flour,no alcohol....no prosessed foods.

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The most important thing in my opinion is to listen carefully to what your doctors say and follow that advice. When you know more about what your mom is facing, there will be people on here who I am sure can give you good advice. It's helpful I think to take notes when at a doctor's appt.

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i will definetly do that we want to help as much as we can shes very younge still and an amazing mother and just overall woman. i appreciate your advice and we will be taking notes from now on. thanks so much

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