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Well its been a week since my dad has had his extensive surgery. He had alittle bit of jaundice which was caused by one of his antibiotics. He is doing very well for only being a week. They got him up in a chair today and he sat there watching t.v. for 2 hours. His appetite has gone down. He is depressed but who wouldnt be after all he has been thru. He is starting to get some pink back in his cheeks. The Dr. changed his dressing Friday and he said that it looked very good. Nic and pink and no more infection or odor. Tomorrow he is getting a wound vac to help heal it and keep it clean. I wish he could come home but i am trying to be patient. Thank you all for the prayers and thoughts.


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    Good News
    Good news, glad to hear it. Progress can be slow; but it is still progress.