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Feeling like giving up

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Hi all I haven't been on here in a long time I been struggling going through test after test. I had a pet scan the beginning of April it came back no cancer. they explain to me that I still have cancer and am not cancer free. It is sitting in my blood and have not form the cells yet so it could happen at any time or go years. They found on the pet scan a problem with the thyroid so I go tommorrow to get a biopsy but they said it was the size of a lemon. They said what they find tommorrow they are still going to do suregery and remove it. They are going to see if it is cancer. They said if it is that there is alot of better treatment and stuff.

Everyone tells me that its not a big deal. Then 4 weeks ago my sister has breast cancer had her surgery and doing well.

I have tried to deal with all this but I have a hard time talking about it so now I am at the point of just giving up not caring whats the use i am not close with anyone to talk to I keep it all inside.

Life is just so hard sometimes hard to take it I just want to throw in the towel sometimes.

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Please don't give up! It sounds like you've been through alot, but throwing in the towel won't solve anything. And you have all of us on this site who will support you whenever you're feeling down. I lost my husband almost 14 months ago, so I just spent my 2nd Mothers Day without him. I know somedays are tough, but hang in there, okay?
Let us know how your surgery goes. Carole

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The drs. aren't sure if it is cancer. Have the surgery, and recover. It may not be cancer, just wait and find out what the drs. say.

You can come here to talk, get it out. Sometimes it's easier to talk with strangers than loved ones. We understand. I understand all to well the fear of what you are going thru.

I once thought of giving up when I went thru cancer treatments. I couldn't, I realized I didn't know how to give up. I have been a fighter all my life, so the will to survive, and be better is burned within me.

I'm sure if you think about it, you will feel the same. Stay strong Casey, don't give up, keep fighting.

May you be surrounded with peace, and love. May strength, and courage grow and emerge within you.


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I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner. You really do need to hang in there. I have been following you for awhile, and I know how brave you are. You have overcome so many bumps in your road. I wish I had some magic words to help, but I don't. Of course, any type of surgery is a big deal. You have a right to feel discouraged, but you will get through this. A tumor on your thyroid even if it isn't cancer can, I would think, affect your mood. I have thyroid problems and if my meds aren't right, I feel tired or jittery and have mood problems. Good luck on the surgery, and don't give up. We're all pulling for you. Fay

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yeah, people will say its not a big deal, but if it's a big deal to you, thats all that matters ( and they prolly havent had to deal with the same thing). it looks like you have a very good start of talking about what is going on and you came to a great place. you are worth fighting and not giving up. i dont think i could handle it if 1) i didnt find people to talk to about what is really goin on inside and 2) i didnt have God. keep comin back. go into the chat room and chat. type what is going on with you. and take it easy. theres a whole lot of support out here for you.

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you are going through all this emotional upheaval, but please do not give up. We are all here for you to chat, rave and rant as much as you want. I am a caregiver to a stage IV BC mon, and recently had breast cancer scare myself. I was so thankful to all the folks on this site I was able to share my fears and worries. So if you need anything please do not hesitate to reach me.


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I cry a bit, have a pity party, and then go to sleep for a while. When I awake, I thank the Creator for giving me another day and then I move on. A few days later, I'm feeling pitiful again. I am on Cymbalta and without it, I would be much worse. If you are not on an anti-depressant, you may want to speak to your doc about putting you on one that could possibly help you to deal with this journey. It is a tough road, but I quit being afraid; I just don't like that I have, practically, a no-quality life. I have life though, and I must work on putting some quality back in my life, somehow...Keep the faith!

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