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Growing Danger with Prostate Biopsies

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I came across this article yesterday from Bloomberg News which I thought many here may find interesting. It highlights a growing trend of spesis and sepsis related death following prostate cancer as a result of bacteria that are increasingly resistant to antibiotics.

The risks of a transrectal needle biopsy should be thoroughly understood by men before agreeing to this procedure, particularly those who have traveled to certain countries or who have had other antibiotic treatment recently.

In particular, men who are on AS with a protocol of regular biopsies and men who expect to have fiducials placed in the prostate as part of radiation treatment should understand the potential dangers of transrectal needle penetration of the prostate.


Best to all.


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I had heard about similar concerns regarding the spread of bacteria post biopsy. I asked 3 urologists about it and advised that it was of no concern (to them). I know of one urologist (Wheeler in Florida) who believes that it is a great cause for concern and thus prefers to do the MRI with the Tesla 3. Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not cover the cost which is in the $5k area.
Even though I thought twice about getting a biopsy (which later proved positive), one needs to heavily weigh his situation in light of this article. Thanks for bringing it to our attention


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Dont believe the urologist. Mine told me nothing about it and when I got very sick within minutes after the biopsy, they paid no heed and told me to go home. Next day I was in ICU. Was there for week on life support drugs and fighting for survival. 40% rate of mortality after sepsis. Lucky I came out ok. Last day in ICU was told of positive tumor. Had surgery 4 months later. That was a year ago. Am doing fine now and back to normal..but what a ride was last year.

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So when you say you had surgery what type of surgery did you have? To remove the prostate? I am new to this website and so still learning the terms. Please let me know. Thanks

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using davinci robotics procedure

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