Small Cell Lung Cancer

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My husband went through chemo-radiation treatments then, they did radiation to his brain to prevent the cancer going to his brain. When diagnosed, they said 95% percent of patients live a year and 5% live 1-2 years or more. We are now past a year (April) and he is doing good. Pain in his lungs and his esophogus is causing him pain.

I noticed his memory isn't as good. Does anyone have any suggestions for him?


  • luz del lago
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    Ahh, yes the memory thing...
    So wonderful to see that he has done so well! It offers hope to so many going through this. Thank you for sharing.

    As to his memory, chemo alone, affects many in that way. Then the PCI can make someone so fatigued, that it is difficult for them to remember things. It can also be a long term side-effect. So the longer he survives, the more chances that it well affect his memory. As many say, that's a good trade off!

    Does he play solitaire? Or games where remembering or thinking through a problem is used? Many do puzzles of all sorts. Notes, notes, and more notes! If the memory issues are about forgetting to take meds, or when an appointment is, things of that nature, sticky notes can work wonders. He should write these things down, with your assistance.

    Again, congratulations to you both! Take care.