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7 keto DHEA

Janet T.
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Has anyone heard anything about taking 7 keto DHEA to off set some of the adverse side effects of Tamoxifin? A friend of mine said that 7 keto DHEA doesn't create estrogen or progesterone but it does reduce some of her hot flashes, weight gain, low energy, etc. and swears by it. I'm just not sure what to think about this. Does anyone else have any experience or an opinion about this? I don't see my medical oncologist for another week so am not sure if I should discuss taking this with her first.


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Wow I've never heard of it Janet until now. I googled it, but to be honest with you I am not sure how a OTC supplement can compete with something prescribed via medical approval. It sounds good, but I guess the only person what would have good advice would be your oncologist. It sure doesn't hurt to ask.


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My gynecologist has given me a prescription for DHEA vaginal suppositories to be filled at a compounding pharmacy. Even though I stopped taking Tamoxifen two weeks ago I still have significant hot flashes. She says it is accepted by oncologists as it does not boost estrogen, which we ER/PR+ veterans must avoid, but reduces menopause symptoms. In my case, we are hoping it will strengthen my vaginal walls as they have become thinner since menopause and have collapsed into a rectocele and a cystocele since starting Tamoxifen.

I too would like to hear what other women know about DHEA. Thanks, all.

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I used 7 keto when i had hot flashes for 10 years with menapause. It stopped the hot flashes in one day. I used Enymatic brand 25 mg. It is a form of dhea that does not produce tesosterone. I did not need to take it for long. It seemed to reset my body.
My friend who had breast CA said she took antidepressant in a low dose and it stopped the flashes. Effexor is what she used. google antidepressant for hot flashes and you will get lots of info on this.

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I heard about this on the Dr. Oz show several weeks ago. I am going to try it as I am getting very depressed with this weight gain from Femara. Dr. Oz called it a safe alternative for persons with hormone sensitive cancers. Of course will check with my oncologist first.

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