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Kidney Stones?

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I am being treated for a UTI...the doctor is concerned about kidney stones. Is this another lovely door prize from chemo? Has anyone out there had kidney stones after chemo?

On a side note: it is, (in a super weird way), nice to go to a doctor for a "normal" ailment and get a prescription that cost $00.87! Odd, eh?


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I never heard of kidney stones from chemo but anything is possible..were you having symtomes such as pain or blood in urine. Maybe a cysto should be done to rule it out. I am glad your meds are super cheap ..where is your drugstore??? lol...val

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Kidney stones and urinary tract infections can go hand-in-hand. Sometimes, the infection is a result of a kidney stone blocking the flow of urine, slowing the flow, allowing for the growth of bacteria. A small number of kidney stones are caused by the infection itself. As far as I know, kidney stones are not a side effect of chemo.

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