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Since Pete43 brought it up.....

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In a response Pete43 wrote on Craigs latest post- "I am so jealous of your amazing writing ability, but glad we have a diverse board that goes from cannot spell to gifted in written communication" looking back at my old post I have noticed I have fallen into the cannot spell category;) I don't mind laughing at myself but gosh I feel dumb ! sometimes I feel my college degree was a waste of time. I do not know how this happened -I used to be decent with spelling but now or since chemo my native language has become foreign! I stare for hours at my computer screen trying to sound out words and then when I figure it out I look at my mystery word and it looks wrong! Does anyone else have this problem? Please tell me I'm not alone:) Pete43 you made me laugh, it was at myself but you started my day off with a smile!
P.S. I just reread my post and was wondering if look was spelled wrong ..... !?!:)

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I use Google's Chrome browser or Mozilla's FireFox. They have great spell checkers that are built in. I find that MicroSoft's browser does not have it or if they do, I haven't found it. I don't care for that browser anyway, it's too clunky.

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wurkt four mee :D

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Hi Lilmiss82,
I am just off to bed nidnight here. And your laugh and smile is contagious.
I am sure I will have happy dreams.
I am getting up in 6am, first cab off the rank for day surgery today.
Someone said laughter is the best medicine. I hope they were right.

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Shoot, it's just thinking of the word for me most of the time. I can't even get out the word I may misspell......lol


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