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Clincal trials

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I have been refered to H Lee Moffitt in Tampa to be considered for clinical trials. Has any one here had any clinical trials, and I was wondering it being a trial and my insurance does not cover treatment at Moffitt who normally pays for theses trials me the drug company ect...?
hanks for any help !

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May be different in the US, I am in the UK, but the drugs company should pay, I expect you are being referred for a phase 1 trial and its all about the product rather than the paitent.

My partner was referred here, went on a trial and had a very bad experience which he has not and may not fully recover from. Pvt message me if you want to know more rather than me potentially upset other readers.


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Sorry about having to go the clinical trial route. Roger (Crow71) is currently doing a clinical trial but not in Florida. Send him a personal messaage and he may be able to shed some light on just how things work, i.e., who pays, etc.

There is a site I go to ClinicalConnection.com, may be able to shed some light on what clinical trials are going on in your area. Never looked there for payment stuff but they may have some info on the site.

Take care and come back and let us know what is going on with you and what Moffit tells you. I understand that Vanderbuilt in Tennessee does a lot of the clinical trial stuff.

American Cancer Society alo has a Clinical Trials Finder. Click on it and see what it shows. Can't hurt.

Take care - Tina

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As an added note to the above on June 1st from 8 to 9:30 p.m. EST the Colon Cancer Alliance is sponsoring a free internet and telephone based webinar "Understanding and Navigating Clinical Trials". You can get more informatio at the Colon Cancer Alliance website.

I have participated in these webinars in the past and it is very, very simple. You can also submit your questions.

Hopefully this helps you navigate clinical trials. Their webinars are outstanding and do stay on the topic of discussion.

Regards - Tina

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