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Scratching Head.... Ain't a CA 15-3 for Breast Cancer?????

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OK.... I have no clue what is going on here.... I got a bill in the mail today from the lab that always does my blood work. This lab have never billed me in 2 years...ever. My insurance covers all lab fees. This blood test was done 4 weeks ago on the same day I got a CEA test which showed rising CEA...or did I??? It Said on the bill "Cancer Antigen CA 15-3" and they also billed me for a CBC on that same date..which I did get but never been billed for..ever. I guess I got some calling to do tomorrow to see who screwed up.... The lab...or my Onc's people..... hummmmmmm


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Good luck with that!! hopefully its an error on their part.

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Absolutely no freaking idea. Phone call sounds indeed in order first thing in morning!!!
Go get em.
Winter Marie

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CA 15-3, or Carcinoma Antigen 15-3, is a tumor marker for breast cancer...

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I'd call the onc office first and ask them to recheck your results- were they reading you the number for an actual CEA test, or were they mistakenly telling you the number for a CA 15-3? Maybe it wasn't an accurate number that they told you- definitely worth following up with both the onc office and the lab.
I even wonder if maybe the lab sent you a bill because your insurance denied coverage for a CA 15-3 test (because it's not indicated for your kind of cancer & someone screwed up by running the wrong kind of test).

Let us know what you find out!


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Lab said it was ordered by my Onc's office..... called Onc's office and they are all running around passing the buck and no one could tell me much.... When I turned beotch on them they admitted they had ordered the CA 15-3 by accident..someone had...they don't know who.. I don't give a crap.... I wanna know about the numbers. They said when they realized they made the error they had the lab run CEA on that sample then and those were the results they gave me. I have had 3 more CEA tests ran since that one and they all slightly increased so that could be true. Probably is. But I wonder why the CEA test was not on the bill??? I will find out more when I talk to Onc Friday..... Preping for scope now...... omg...gotta run...literally!!! LOL


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