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How are you doing Liz?

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Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you. I hope everything is as good as can be and that you are Ok.

Take care of yourself!

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Liz usually checks in on the weekends,(Sundays) now that she is back to work. Amazes me how you guys go to work during and after treatments...my hat goes off to all of you!!!

Hey Beth...you TOTALLY amaze me girlfriend! Alwyas caring and thinking about others, even while your going through so much and with all thats ahead of you to do. You are one "awesome" lady indeed! Hope today is going ok for you...always thinking about you. Got your schedule right here by my computer and was just looking at it. Man, oh man...I'm here for ya sweetie. Love ya...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Oh, Beth and Sue, thanks for your sweet thoughts. Sue is right - I realize I could not just check in daily anymore becuz my energy had been sapped by work. Now, it's TGIF!!!

I had been thinking so much about my friend and mother who passed away recently, worrying about Dad who is now alone then about myself adjusting to work - this week is better - more focused and less "thunderclap" headaches. I notice that I feel better when I rest or take a break from activities. At my work with about 150 employees, I found myself looking around for a former cancer buddy but seems that I am the only one who had chemo. I asked HR to let me know if there are others who can hook up for support but so far no one... So I thought to myself - man, I went through a lot - my body and head is not the same as before treatment. I am trying to get used to be the new me but I feel the old self when talking to you here... I feel moved by relatives and friends sending me cards and paging me to express their condolences. It just takes time to get back to normal life, you know?

Hope you are feeling good despite the craziness coming from cancer.


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