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First PSA After IMRT

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I finished IMRT on April 1. I had lab work that we scheduled before my recurrence and IMRT treatments. Lab work order contained a PSA among other tests. I have been told that the figure will be (even more) unreliable for a year or more as it will bounce around after radiation. That being said, the PSA came back at 0.04. If I'm going to discount a PSA score, I'd much rather discount one this low than one that may have been higher.

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That's wonderful news no matter what! Thanks for the update. Wishing you continued success and good results.

mrs pjd

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Surely you can expect a lower result. Hope for the best.

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PSA 5.8 Gleason 4+3=7 43 IMRT treatments. My PSA came back at .95 The doctor said I was right on track, not good or bad. After your post, I am not feeling lucky.

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Brad, if this will make you feel better, my PSA before IMRT was 0.17. I was getting salvage radiation as a follow-up to DaVinci 18 months ago. PSA before DaVinci was 20.4 so don't get too worried about your .95. Your doctor knows your case better than I do, but your case appears to be very differnt from mine. If your doctor is not too concerned, you can take your cue from him.

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I wish you the best and keep on plugging.
What was the result regarding incontenence?

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Had no incontinence from the IMRT.
From the initial DaVinci, it took me about three months to discard the pads for good.

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