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Update on my wife - something to smile about

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Haven't posted in awhile. My wife had another chemoablation on her liver. CEA is a good marker for her, and when it rises, her onc gets busy.
Then we spent 9 days on the road. First up, San Francisco, then to Hawaii, then SF on the way back, now back home.
Hawaii is too much fun. Pearl Harbor, a Luau on the beach, seeing the sea turtles, and the food is delicious. The weatherman there has the easiest job in the world. I can tell you what the weather is, High of 86, low 72 LOL.

Take care all. Get on with it!


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I'm glad to hear good news- that your wife's onc is on top of things, that your wife is feeling good, and that you got to enjoy such a wonderful vacation. I'm picturing seeing those sea turtles right now and lying on the Hawaiian beaches (in my imagination, my body is nicely tanned and in great shape with no scars, lol- I can dream!) :)

It's a beautiful day here in southern California- we're having unseasonably warm weather- high yesterday at my house was 91- a bit too hot, but it lasted just a few hours then cooled down nicely again for sleeping (it was 52 when I took my daughter to school this morning- but it will be quite warm again today). Love the bright blue skies and the spring foilage all around! Appreciating nature always puts me in a good mood- I guess it's good to be in a good mood as I'm soon on my way for chemo this morning.

Have a good day, everyone!

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Thanks Lisa,

It was a great adventure, and cannot wait to do more.


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So glad you had a wonderful trip. I love it that you enjoyed Hawaii. It really is a healing place. I hope the aloha stays with you.


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