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colonoscopy prep

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I have my colonoscopy schedule in about 2 weeks,and I just received the instructions yesterday, to find out is a new prep called Suprep Bowel Prep Kit,I have been using Half Lightly in the last 3 years and it worked good,and I have seen here a lot of people using the Miralax prep, and to what I think is the easiest one to take,my daughter had a colonoscopy about 2 months ago and that was the one prescribed (Miralax),and she said was not that bad, I really will apreciate you guys if you can tell me your prep of choice and if it was good at cleaning you well.

Thanks, and God bless you.

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Hi Betina, I never heard of the Suprep Bowel Prep. I have always used the Golytle. No cramps. Could stop drinking as soon as it runs clear. Only once did I use the Miralax and it was pretty harsh for me. I had bad cramps. So I stick with the Golytle. Good luck. Sorry no info on the Suprep Bowel Prep.

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I did the Miralax prep in November (hubby is the one with cancer though). Taste was ok just a lot to drink. I found that it took longer to work. I had the first appointment the next morning. I started it around noon and it took a more than a few hours to kick in and at midnight, you are still going so didn't get a good sleep that night since I had to get up at 5:00 a.m. to check in by 6:00 a.m. It did work very well judging from the pictures of the colonoscopy I was given. No cramping or anything like that.

Best wishes - Tina

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my best wishes and hop for good results!.
Un abrazo .

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Colyte works the first time and every time, never a question on if you're ready for the scope.

Miralax worked horribly for me and I don't belive I got a test that day as I was door to door in 10 minutes. Just left me in doubt.


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I just did the Miralax prep last week for the first time. I have constipation issues all the time and take it twice a day, every day. So I felt like it took me drinking more to accomplish the task, but it was easier to take than the Golytely or any of that mess. I would just tweak it a bit next time, like starting the liquid diet earlier and taking a bit more of the Miralax from the beginning. I was clean for the colonoscopy, though!


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I actually cannot remember what it was. Wish I could have been of some help, but it was so nasty, I think I chose to forget what it was.
Winter Marie

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I used GoLytely, but what did help me (a tip from another survivor), whatever you use start eating lighter 1-2 days before the prep, stay away from hard to digest foods (lettuces, meat, etc), I had lots of soup. By the time I started my prep my system didn't have a lot to move so I only had to drink little more than 1/2 the mixture.

Good Luck!

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I did this with the Miralax. I ate soups and fish 4 days before prep with lots of high fiber cereals. I had 4 dulcolax and then 1 hour later I took the Miralax and Gatorade concoction. It worked. Next time I will get some Depends though. I didn't quite make it to the loo.

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Hi Betina:

My name is Brent and I am also known as canadian4sure. I am also a five year colon cancer survivor. Was diagnosed in May, 2006. If you can get this mixture at your local pharmacy, I would recommend Pico Salax. I have used this and found it easier to swallow, and it works very well. Ones to avoid will be Fleet, which I was using and then found out that after several colonoscopies, the Fleet caused some kidney damage in me. In fact, there is a current lawsuit in the U.S. due to Fleet causing kidney damage in patients. Another one I would stay away from is Citrus Mag. It works but you will have a hard time getting it down. I almost gagged when trying to use this. So as I said, try Pico Salax. Ask your pharmacist for it. Should you have any other questions, don't hesitate to write me at canadian4sure@yahoo.ca

I am also on Facebook.

Take care.


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I used it twice now, easy to swallow, just 200 ml. Works within the hour and does not cramp. Maybe only available in Canada I took it at 10 am and at 4 pm, by 8 pm I was clean and done.
Good Luck

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What ever mix you have to take, it tastes like shyte.
I generally have a bottle of green ginger wine at my elbow as I'm drinking it.
It's so strong with ginger,one small shot will numb your taste buds so you can get a full glass of prep down. :D
Not a drinker as a rule, but in this case rules are made to be broken.
I've never had a procedure stopped from bad bowel prep.

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think alike... only I washed MINE down with evan williams

After the first round of MoviPrep, I really couldn't care less what round 2 tasted like :D ;)

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