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I'm feeling a bit irritated. I feel incredibly taken advantage of by someone who does know better. I will admit to some of this being my own fault - I got taken in. But on the other hand, for one this person should know better and for two if you tell me one thing and do another what does that tell me?

I should trust my gut more. Hasn't led me wrong yet. I'll see what tomorrow brings, probably more nonsense. Ah the joy of leaving town!

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luz del lago
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So sorry someone has taken advantage of you at this time! I pray that you are o.k. and that not too much damage has been done.
Yes, go with your instinct. Unfortunately, there are those that prey on folks when they are grieving! Financially, emotionally, you name it. And they don't necessarily have to be strangers, sometimes it is someone you know and thought you could trust!
Take care,


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i remember afer angel passed both of his brothers were trying to get me to sell some of the harley parts cheap to bad i had all the paper work on all the parts and prices i set the price of course now they didn't want it and havent spoke to me for over a year and i have known them for 35 yrs it just goes to show you how much they cared for me or there brother, I am ok with that now but it hurt then. be on guard thats what i am doing.


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I'm glad to here your better now. I'm sorry that anyone of us has to go thru something like that. My family wants me to sell of Todds collection. I'm not there yet and I don't want to feel like I'm doing something to make someone else happy. Its not bothering me. Back in the day all his stuff was everywhere and I kept having to tell him to clean it up. Now I don't care. I wish he was around for me to tell him to "clean it up."
It's part of my everyday, when I get to it, I get to it.

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