Mom now has pneumonia

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My mom had a pretty bad day yesterday. She stayed in bed all day and ate very little. Today was the same. She had a fever of 102, so I took her into the ER. The ER doctor said her X-ray today looked significantly worse than the one they took on April 7. I really don't know how to take that news. I read that Squamous Cell Carcinoma is a slow spreading cancer, but it seems by that x-ray that it's spreading quickly. Any thoughts on this?

They said she had an obstruction on one of her lungs, so they kept her in the hospital for pneumonia. The ER doctor said it's time to start looking at hospice. I was really hoping the radiation she started last week would give us some quality time (relieve her pain) with her.

Everything has moved so quickly, but she has been a very stoic woman through it all. She is the most tolerant woman I have ever met.


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    I was always told that squamous cell was a very aggressive fast moving cancer. When I started this journey I had a tumor that totally blocking the function of my right lung. The doctors were able to use lazer surgery and remove the blockage so I am able to breath again. - Judy