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Not cancer but I just drove through some of the areas hit by the tornado (this one was just an EF3)and it really is bad. Pray for them and send help if you can.

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Pam M
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And to think - when I step outside,I'm surrounded by beauty - spring has sprung - renewed life and hope - some of them, if they're lucky enough to have a place left to step out of, are surrounded by devastation.

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These were exactly my thoughts when the people in Japan went through the earthquake. I may have cancer, but I still have the people that I love and they are safe and healthy, I have a warm place to live and clean water, food to put on my table. At night I go to bed with my electric blanket turned on and a cool breeze kissing my forehead. I am blessed.

God, please bless the people who aren't as lucky as I am.



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I agree it was so sad to see all of the destruction that happened last week and all the lives that were lost, We need to keep these people in our thoughts and prayers.


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May God bless the people of Alabama and the people who died there. It must be horrifying to be trapped in a tornado. In just a few minutes lives are turned upside down. The pictures on TV looked like a bomb had dropped on them, it's a miracle their were not more lives lost. I pray they get the help they need!

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We live in woodstock (about half way between tuscaloosa and birmingham). The tornado had to have went over our house in the air, no damage at all. Tuscaloosa was destroyed in places. Vance (Home of the mercedes factory) had a lot of tree damage, we are talking huge trees down everywhere. next it got the tannehill area. Very expensive area to live. Old money families. What the tornado itself didn't damage, it dropped hundred year old oak trees on. It looks like a war zone. power lines are totally destroyed.
My sister in law lived in shoal creek valley. They have a lot of land in the area, probably a couple of hundred acres. They no longer have a single standing tree. It looks like the trees at mount saint helens. Their house is gone, but everyone survived. 10 people in that house when the tornado took it , not 1 fatality. Thankfully everything was insured. There were at least 21 deaths in that comunity. Its gonna take a long time for things to get back to normall around here. Oh, her home was on dateline a few days ago, or rather here property was. but the film did not do it justice. Prayers for the people in the shoal creek area are appreciated.

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Sorry to hear this about your family but I am glad to hear that they are all well. We can replace the material things in life we can’t replace the lives of our loves ones. I continue to pray for others in that area that were not so lucky.

All the best to you my friend

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My husband and I were watching the weather channel and saw the tornadoes hit Tennessee as well. Went right through the area where my family and friends live and they sustained some serious damage. My brother and his family live in Ringgold GA and they also sustained serious damage and their town of about 2000 lost 13 souls in the storms.

I turned to my husband and I stated, "and to think I complain because I can't get rid of this stupid headache". It really puts things in perspective.

Will continue to keep all those affected by the storms and everyone here on the boards in our daily prayers.


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Survived an F4 tornado many years ago. It, too, was in north Alabama where I live.

Not an experience I want anyone to have.

Prayers for those who need them and blessings on those who are helping.

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Thoughts and prayers to all who were affected by those terrible tornados and storms.

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