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Too much drama for me

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Nana b
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If we can't rah, rah, if we can't encourage, if we can't share options, if we can't pray....what is left? A board full of sympathy.

You all have a good say, I mean good day and if you don't want to have a good day, that's ok... that's your prerogative.

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Agree NanaB. This back & forth, everyone wanting to be the bell cow, top dog, always gotta' have the last say and their say is "right"....drains my energy and I really need my energy for more positive matters.

I've started going to a support group sponsered by ACS once a month. I haven't noticed the people who attend being so ornery. Maybe it is because they have to look at each other face to face?

Outta' here for awhile.


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and just came back to check on John, Mary, and Kerry S. My fears were comfirmed with the passing of Kerry and Mary. And then find folks squabbling and fussing and pointing fingers. Not what I wanted. So maybe another break is in order.

FYI Robert had campostar pre liver resection and liver function still remains good.
And after a break of 3 months of no treatments, scan showed 4cm lesion in liver. Surgery on Wed and will send tissue to New England for them to grow and experiment with chemo options.........

Ya'll have a nice day


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I agree Nana. I find myself looking for people who post postive things. I know whose posts to avoid. For me this works, but if I don't agree with something, I just close the post and nor comment.

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