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A favor to ask

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Hey gang,

I have a favor to ask of you. Its not for me, but for my brother-in-law who is a truly awesome guy.

My name is Ray and I have posted a few times on the colon board about my experiences with CC and have learned a lot and been really touched by the kindness shown to me there.

My BIL is also named Ray (and his son is too!) and he has a recent diagnosis for Hodgkin's. Big Ray is a sweet, energetic and kind of an old fashioned guy's guy who probably would never dream of asking for help about anything.

My nephew (Baby Ray) is a nurse and says his dad has hit a rough patch lately and he thinks he could use some more information about Hodgkin's and what he can expect during treatment and probably some encouragement.

So I am asking if a few of you might respond to this and let Big Ray know how this site has helped you, or your experience dealing with Hodgkin's, or whatever you think is appropriate.

The folks on the colon board are kind and empathetic and I am certain that is the case here as well.

Thank you in advance. Love and strength to you all!


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Hi, Ray
Sorry to hear about your brother in law. I too have hodgkins stage 2B. So far I have had 9 treatments out of 12. My chemo treatment is ABVD. From what my Dr has told me about hodgkins, he says it is very curable with proper treatment and if caught in time. But like any other cancer treatment, chemo is awful. My first treatment was pretty bad. And from what I hear the forst treatment always is because you dont know how your body is going to react. Once you know how your body will react it becomes easier. You know what meds to keep handy to help with the side effects. I get thrush pretty bad but I am now taking meds to keep from getting thrush. My hair has thinned a lot, though others have lost all of there hair. I alway get a metalic taste in my mouth that lasts about a week after each treatment. And I get joint pain and swelling in my hands, all go away in time.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Ray,

I don't have hodgkins, but I do have non hodgkins. I am currently doing RICE chemo and it's kicking my butt, but I just want to welcome you. These folks are great and would do anything to help you get through this day by day.

I have lost most of my hair with the exception of 1/8" long round patch on the crown of my head LITERALLY. It looks ridiculous, but I am afraid to shave it smooth as I don't want to cut my head on accident.

I wish you the best of luck and hope to hear from you soon.


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Thanks for your responses. I will ask Little Ray to point Big Ray out to this site.

From what I am hearing Big Ray needs a lift. He's been sleeping the days away (even more than the chemo should cause). I'm thinking he might need some encouragement to talk/vent about things and maybe a friendly kick in the @ss. He and I have spoken about things, but its not apples and apples. Even though I have a much worse prognosis, he has a harsher chemo routine with more side effects.

Thank you again for yor kindness and I hope you get a chance to meet Big Ray soon. He is a helluva nice guy who just happens to have hit a rough patch lately...

Strength and love to y'all !!


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