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Great News

vinny59's picture
Posts: 1032
Joined: Nov 2006

Well we got Lisa's results and they are all negative!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the prayers!!!!! I'm getting my second PET scan since my last treatment next friday, so we are hoping for two wins in a row! LOL Vinny

Posts: 168
Joined: Mar 2011

Such good news.So twins right??LOl Kidding.....Glad to see life is started to look up.Blessings to you both,Michele DX95FNHL3

merrywinner's picture
Posts: 627
Joined: Aug 2009

So happy for you both. Thank goodness. One down and one to go and then move on to a wonderful summer. Are you feeling OK? Mary

COBRA666's picture
Posts: 2413
Joined: May 2010

That is great news. Fingers crossed for Friday. John

onlytoday's picture
Posts: 604
Joined: Jun 2010


So so happy for you and Lisa!! So now we keep praying that your results will be negative as well!! You both must be so relieved and we share in your joy!!


miss maggie
Posts: 929
Joined: Mar 2010

Dear Lisa and Vinnie,

I am so happy for Lisa and You. It seems so long ago since this all
started for Lisa. So long to wait for wonderful news.

Praying for double the good news. Blessings to both of you. Love Maggie

KC13167's picture
Posts: 215
Joined: Jun 2010

That's wonderful news! We need more positive outcomes this Spring. Kellie

dixiegirl's picture
Posts: 1043
Joined: Apr 2006

AWESOME news guys...congrats!


allmost60's picture
Posts: 3184
Joined: Jul 2010

Good deal!!! Now once we get you squared away with a good clean scan, all will be wonderful. Music to my ears..Thanks for sharing Vinny. Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

Posts: 56
Joined: Mar 2011

This is great news. Congrats, Lisa. Two wins in a row sounds good, We'll be praying for you.

vinny59's picture
Posts: 1032
Joined: Nov 2006

Thanks again everyone!

JoanieP's picture
Posts: 573
Joined: Mar 2010

Vinny I am so happy for you!!! The best news ever.

tcvine's picture
Posts: 174
Joined: Aug 2010

Hey Vinny,
Just checking in and saw the great news! I'm really , really happy for you and Lisa. Good luck with your PET. I'm praying for great news there also.


Posts: 36
Joined: Jul 2010

Good news, sure does make your day better, doesn't it !!

Posts: 444
Joined: Aug 2010

Love getting good news, Vinny. It uplifts me.


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