Spindle cell in lung

Lilly777 Member Posts: 1
Had surgery last month due to mass found in upper rt.lobe of lung.Only had wedge removed as
Dr's iffy on malignancy. Turns out this tumor same composition as a tumor removed 27 yrs ago on
my soft tissue on my back (fibrohistiocytoma). Back then I had tumor removed & a large portion of area so needed skin graft & plastic surgery w/skin expanders to close. Now Dr's sending me to Sloan Kettering because composition so rare for same patient to have matastasized in lung so many years apart. Right now it's been almost 30 days since my surgery & pain is unbelievable. Under right breast along rib feels as if rib is broken.
Has anyone had this surgery ? How long till you feel a bit better? Dr. thinks I shouldn't be in pain still but really am & can't function. So scared of outcome.
Hope you're all handling things better & feeling better than I.