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Elevated CEA level

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I have written a blog about my 27 year old son with stage 3 rectal cancer. He had his resection in July of 2010 and a ileo reversed in January of 2011. Monday he had a ct scan and labs. So far all I no is that his liver looks fine but his CEA level is 5.6 which is not in normal limits. I guess my question is: Does this mean the ca is back?

Also wanted to thank every body for all the updates and and sharing their experiences and protocals both traditional and alternative. I truly miss Kerry and John. I feel like I've lost good friends and have never even got to talk with them.

I pray for a cure..and am hopeful for a miracle for each and every one on this board.

Best wishes

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My partner is 33, he is now stage 4, when he was diagnosed his CEA was 6 but he had tumours in his Colon and Liver. After resecting both, CEA went to 1.2, then after some Chemo started going up.
I believe 5.6 is within boundaies of 'nothing new going on', what you want is for his CEA to go down next time or for a very slight increase. My reading on the subject is that Dr's get concerned when it starts to double every month.

Look at the discussion on MCP on here, it is non toxic and may help prevent any new tumours.



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Since my first post, I've sp/w onc first has seen ct but suspects lungs. sp/w gastroenterologist who ordered ct and there on nodules in lung/lungs was not too specific, stated to waite to talk with onc next friday.

I love my kids and can't picture life without any of them. Your post give me hope. Thanks

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It sort of could be within limits. I know around the 5 CEA count area is where people without cancer that smoke tend to hover. My Onc even said people who didn't smoke could be in 4 CEA area.
Mine have gone up from 2.4 to 2.8 and now at 3.0 and my onc isn't worried about it, so I guess I won't be either, because everything else is showing nothing but good! What was his CEA level earlier?
Always hoping for a cure and hey a miracle doesn't hurt either. But I wouldn't get to stressed out if I were you.
Winter Marie

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You always make me smile with your replies. My sons cea at its highest was 6 before surgery. All the other times within normal limits. He is an athelete, never smoked, loves his beer. But is not an alkie! He is a young, positive, upbeat person{unlike his mother). I really am so proud of him.

From one Mom to the next....I always will worry about my kids(and now 2 ganddaughters) My faith in God has been shaken soooooo much. I need reassurance, I need Hope. I need someone to care, to understand. Its not easy.


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Hope it's just a glitch in your son's cea report. For some cea is a good indicator for what is going on, but for others it isn't. He could maybe have had an infection that caused the small rise?. whatever happens we are here for you, sending love and prayers your way.


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If the scans come back good that is an excellent sign. A lot of doctors don't trust CEA levels alone so don't worry until it gets much higher. Good luck to your son.


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My CEA has been on the rise for 5 weeks.... I have got CEA levels done weekly and each time they slightly rise (now at 10.5)..BUT..... the past 2 PET/CT scans are completely clear. The advice I got was "you can't treat a number" so I am in a "wait and see mode". Today is my 2 year anniversary date of my colon surgery and I feel terrific. A few backaches but nominal. I am getting a colonoscopy Thursday just to rule that out and a CT scan. This is a first for me as CEA has always been a very good indicator for me. So now I am thinking CEA is not as important as I once thought it to be. you take care.


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