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colonoscpoy & CT scan during chemo. Is it Normal?

very worried husband
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Dear Family,

My wife finished her 5th Round of 5FU,6th coming after 10 days. Now the doctor told her that next week before the chemo, the will need to do colonoscopy and CT Scan. Is it normal? I suppose the colonoscopy is ok since they could not complete it last time in January at the time of diagnose, since they could not pass through the tumor. But she had a CT scan just before starting her chemo on 23/24th February.why they need it again?
Re her general health, she is doing ok. Her CA 125 increased to 51 after 2nd chemo and it was checked last week and luckily its now 10, i.e Normal. we also started using the Chinese traditional medicines and Black Cumin Oil with Natural honey. My mother's cousin had used it when she had breast cancer and then recurrence to ovary, and she is doing ok for the last 7-8 years now . we are desperate and would try anything. Her Onc knows about both of them. Is anyone else used or using Black Cumin Oil?


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It is very normal to have a CT or PET mid-treatment to compare to one done before treatment. This helps tell them if the current treatment is working well.

My first 12 rounds of FOLFOX I had a PET right before starting (which had some questionable activity), and I had one half-way through (which was clear), and then another after completion (which was clear).

When my first lab check showed an elevated CEA, I had another PET (which showed progression). After going on FOLFIRI I had another one after the first 4 tx (which showed reduction, but not complete yet) , and another after 8tx (which looked clear). After switching to maintenance chemo, my CEA started to rise and kept climbing. So even though I had a PET the first week of February, I had another in mid-April (which confirmed progression again).

We've been able to make very educated treatment plans and adjustements due to the information gained from scans.

You are right about the colonoscopy too. I was almost fully obstructed so my first colonoscopy was over as soon as it started (sigmoid tumor). So I had to get another one once I could - a full one to check the rest of the colon (clean).

very worried husband
Posts: 88
Joined: Feb 2011

Thanks Kathryn_in_MN, I am grateful to your reply. Any new things coming in the road makes me suspicious and worried ( although that is not gonna help either, but that is just me, I can not stop myself thinking all the time...)
Best of luck

Fight for my love
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My understanding is your wife had the surgery and the doctors got all of it and clear margin?If this is the case,from what I have been reading and my husband's experience,the doctor won't order another ct scan until one year anniversary of surgery.

But it seems like your wife's cea was never evaluated,that means cea is not a good cancer marker for her.Then, if the doctor is super cautious or if the doctor is suspecting something,he may order a ct scan.

I suggest you to go to NCCN(national comprehensive cancer network) website to download colon rectal cancer guidelines.I believe these are the most authorized cancer treatments guidelines.

Again,best luck to your wife and her treatments.Get well soon.

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