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xylitol for dry mouth!!!

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Hey folks, hope all is well tonight!! Just wanted to share some info. I know most of you use Biotene that has some xylitol in it; but it doesn't specify how much. We should be getting about 5-6gm a day!!I find that chewing gum really helps with the dry mouth and it helps exercise the jaw!! I'm using a xylitol gum that has 1gm of xylitol per piece. Xylitol is suppose to help fight cavities big time. It works by producing saliva and cutting down the acid build up!! I use epic; but there are others. It can't hurt right???

Also, found a new shake. It's called orgain a little expensive, about 27.00$ a case of 12 but it's suppose to be all organic. I really like the vanilla. Take care!!


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D Lewis
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I can chew gum now! I can chew gum now! Couldn't do it before! I have incrementally a teeny tiny bit more SPIT! Yay! And, I'm thinking it helps with my edema, too.


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TY Charles, where do you get the shake....

Give Abby a hug, keep on keepin on brother,

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Pam M
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The gum is Epic? where do you get it? You can also buy Xylitol at health food stores, in the sweetener section (haven't tried it).

I chew Orbit gum, which also has xylitol, but maybe not a lot (it lists other sweeteners "above" the xylitol).

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Would like to hear more about the guma and shakes too...where to get and such.
All the best to you from another dry mouth guy !

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The gum I bought online. I tried the mouthwash and toothpaste as well; But I didn't really like them. However, I do like the gum and I got it in fruit flavor; the spearmint is to harsh for me! A friend of mine also recommended xellies; but it only has .75mg of xylitol, epic has 1 gm. IMPORT: KEEP AWAY FROM DOGS!!!

I don't know for sure if it will help, since I'm new to this like most of you, but hopefully it will help keep the cavities away!!!

The orgain I buy at wegmans for 27.00 a case. You can buy it online but it is more expensive. it doesn't make sense, you would think it would be cheaper! I go through a case a week. I'm trying to do two a day; I was getting tired of ensure!! I'm also doing bolthouse farms green goodness and carrot juice. I bought a juicer but juicing sucks, it gets old very fast. I need to get rich and have a personal chef.




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teeth, anyway. High consumption can cause gas and bloat, but everyone's limit is different, and your limit starts to slide up as you use more, so there's a case for starting slow and adding.

It does indeed inhibit the cavity-making bacteria, mostly by starving them, and it makes normal saliva a beter environment for remineralization of the teeth (don't know if it does the same for mouths with depleted saliva). It was extracted for a long time from birch trees in Norway/Finland/Sweden and you can still buy "real birch candy" there. Most of it is now made, of course, from corn.

One other caution - it doesn't inhibit cavities when fructose is present; the bacteria will happily munch on the fructose and ignore the xylitol, whereas in a xylitol/glucose mix, they will try to do the opposite and starve.

I'm glad it's helping you - I never tried it because Doug doesn't chew gum, but I had wondered.

BTW, a lot of folks lost their "sweet" taste buds. Do you think you taste xylitol's sweetness better than sugar's?

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Not sure if I taste the xylitol better than regular sugar. If I had to guess my taste is about 90% and I am at the 10 month mark. I wonder if it makes a difference in taste recovery in patients that had tonsil like myself vs. base of tongue pt's???

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I still cannot chew gum, or suck on hard candy. It hurts my tongue too much. I miss gum. Also xylitol hurts my stomach and gives me the runs if I have too much.

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I love chewing gum but sometimes have problems with biting the inside of my mouth, but I still chew it when I can, will give Xylitol and try and see.

Thanks for the info

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My dentist at the cancer centre gave me a sample of a package of soft lozenges called Salese. They also have Xylitol listed as an ingredient & are slow to dissolve & can last about an hour. Kills bacteria maintain's normal ph & is also sugar & alcohol free. She ordered them from the US. I use them frequently as they really help with dry mouth. I appreciate how she is alway's sourcing a product that help's with dry mouth issues.

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After much label reading, Trident (can I give a name brand on here?) has Xylitol AND it does help with dry mouth! I'm chewing gum again for the first time in 5 months! YIPEE!!! Thank you so much for the info!


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I probably should be doing this, although I'm one of the lucky ones who still has one functioning saliva gland.

Thanks for the info peeps.

Be well.

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