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Way Off Topic--Tornados

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Hello All,

I know this is way off topic, but I would like everyone to take a moment and send good vibes and prayers(for those of you who pray) to all the folks whose lives have been devastated by the recent outbreak of tornados and flooding. So many have lost their homes and their lives. I'm sure that some of our members may live in the path of these terrible storms.

Thank you for reading this.



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Sent my daughter a text earlier this evening, to head to the basement if need be. Their under tornado warnings until 3 am. But you know it's something mid-westerner's get used to, sometimes to used to.
As always they have my well wishes, I've been through two myself, one in Louisiana in 1978 I think and in Ohio 1994 I believe.
Winter Marie

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Lived through an F-3 in 2000; destroyed our neighborhood and house.

Always feel for folks who get hit by one. And it's never about the storm itself, it's about picking up the pieces...about trying to convince your insurance to pay up, trying to find a contractor who's not out to take you for all you've got.

Just like with cancer....it's always the collateral damage and not the main event itself.


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for your post.i was thru an f3 once also.luckily we grazed the edge but houses around us were just demolished.not to sound cold but for myself i dont seem to worry as much about mother nature and her wrath.when you get dx with cancer especially stage4 and these are just my feelings sometimes i feel whatever will be will be.there are so many states that have been hit and i will pray for those who will have to pick up the pieces and go on.....Godbless...johnnybegood

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They suspect that what hit Tuscaloosa and Birmingham areas were F5's. There is much devastation and death here.

Thanks for you good thoughts. I am fine and my family is all accounted for with only power loss so far.


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My nephew's wife's family all live in Tuscaloosa. I haven't heard yet, but am praying all is well with them. Just devastating. I looked at the pictures on msnbc.com and it is unbelievable. They are all in my prayers.


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Just heard that my nephew's wife's family are all okay, although several of them did have severe damage to their homes. A friend of their family, a college student at Univ of Alabama, was killed. She was at her boyfriend's house & the house just literally blew up and apart- the boyfriend witnessed her being literally sucked out of the house into the screaming tornado. They have not found her body, but are assuming that she is dead. Just horrible, horrible. I heard that the main roads into the town are just destroyed & you can't even get in or out where these families' homes are/were.


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After having one pass over and then touch down just 2 1/2 miles northeast of me 2 weeks ago, my priorities enjoyed another shake up. What happened here in North Carolina 2 weeks ago was really sad but what happened in Ala and the other southern states yesterday is almost unimaginable.

Mama Nature sure seems to be really angry the last couple of years.

Pat, I saw a string of about 20 power company trucks heading south on I-85 coming your way about 2 hours ago and I hope you get your power back quickly.The debris left from those things is always mindboggling to me.

Stay safe everyone!
Lisa P.

PS. I have to say that several of my semi-colon buddies reached out to check on me and my family the days after our outbreak. I can't really put words to how special that was and how much it meant to me.

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We can surely use the loan of your power company. Our governor is on tv right now and the death count is up to 194 and many more expected.

The mile wide tornado coming out of Tuscaloosa was shown live from our local tv station and it was headed right towards my little community just south of B'ham. Then it took a slight curve and went a little north.It is a nightmare. I am finding debris that blew up from Tuscaloosa 60-70 miles away....roofing, insulation, boards with nails sticking out.

Thanks for the support and nice thoughts.


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My husband and I live in Talladega...didn't think anyone else on here was from AL!!!
How nice!


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Thanks Wolfen for asking for good vibes and prayers. I work with a lady that lost everything in the NC tornados two weeks ago and it has been amazing at the support our local town is receiving from strangers. Tornado was within 2 miles from my office and it has affected many people.


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I lived in Alabama from 1969 - 1992 and still have close friends there. On the news, they keep talking about the 1974 tornado outbreak in Alabama. When those tornadoes hit, I was living in Huntsville, three blocks from a shopping center that got flattened. That was too close for me. I just can't imagine the devastation in the South. I live in the Midwest now, still in tornado country. Kansas City Power and Light was working on restoring power in Arkansas and they are now on the way to Alabama. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by this terrible storm.

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