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San Francisco Results

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Hi all,

Boy have I been having lots of problems trying to get on this site or post. I know it's not our computers as I have no problems with any other site or board. So CSN whats Up?

My trip up to see my specialist at UCSF went well. However, I mentioned to him about having a continuing headache which woke me from a sound sleep several days before my appointment and was still there. And he said being woken up from headache pain is a red flag and now he is ordering a brain MRI. That was a week ago Monday and they still have not ordered the scan. I'm not really worried and neither is he, as this would be central nervouse system involvement, but it does happen, although it is rare, so needs to be checked out. I'm getting nowhere with phone calls to UCSF and it is frustrating to say the least.

The visit with the orthopedic surgeon in SF also went well. My problem with the left hip could be corrected with some revision surgery. It would require taking out the shaft of the prosthesis and replacing it with a shorter unit. The original surgery left me with one leg shorter than the other because he put in 2 different length shafts. And we pay them big bucks to make these errors. At this point in time I have no interest in revisiting hip replacement surgery. Just typing this makes me sick to my stomach, LOL.

Yesterday had my Mammos. Thank G-D it was alright, so scared they would again find cancer. The Radiologist said I am at really high risk, had breast cancer twice already, so she recommends doing another breast MRI.

You know peeps, once you have cancer your fair game for every test in the book. Just sort of disheartening.

On a brighter note Neo is doing much better, has gained 2 ounzes. This was a chemo day for him so tomorrow he will sleep alot. This morning he was up at 2 AM wanting food......the preds make him hungary. And Pipper, my parrot also appears to be feeling better, although still receiving heavy medications.

I love you guys. Thanks for caring. And thanks for reading such a long long post. Sorry about that.

Good to be back,

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Hi Leslie,

thanks for the update. So sorry that you are having the headaches. I too have a brain mri set up, just have not done it. No headache so no hurry. I am so glad to hear that Neo and Pipper are doing better, even with meds. We love our animals so much and would do anything to have them be healthy and pain free.
Bummer about your hip. Do you think you will be able to live with the pain the way it is. Sounds like a big fix if you go that direction.
Great news on the mammo. I still have some worry about mine, but will deal with it as need be.
Stay strong.. Enjoy the warm spring weather..

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Are you sure you haven't been offending anybody? Maybe you are being flagged and those are the warning signs. Nah..I'm just messing with you. I just couldn't resist throwing that in. I just get back on and starting crap already. you noticed I used the word crap.Yea,that hip thing is a real pain to deal with. They could of done it right the first time don't you think. With having one shorter than the other like that it will cause problems down the road with your back as well. It will throw your spine out of whack and then the back problems start.
I guess our pets react the same way to the Pred as we do. I know I was hungry all the time after a few hits of the Pred. It is hard to lose that weight as well. At least Neo is doing better. As far as the long post I don't think it is long at all. Afterall the purpose of the site is to vent if we need to vent. We are here for that reason as well. Take care. John(FNHL-1-4A-5/10)

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Hi Leslie,
Wow...you are dealing with so much...how do you control your emotions through all of this? I feel your pain regarding doctors messing up surgery then leaving us half fixed or not fixed at all. My rotator cuff repair needs more surgery and it gripes me to no end that the surgeon will charge me again to do the job right...(don't get me started)...ha! I'm happy your mammo was good...still have mine to get in May. Headaches are just the pits...hope your scan doesn't reveal anything serious and they will subside and stay gone. I'm having a hard time wording things tonight...my brain seems kind of off...ha! Anyways...I'll keep good thoughts for you and thanks for letting us know how your doing. Keep us posted..Love ya...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)
P.S. I'm happy the fury and feathery kids are doing good and getting better..poor Neo having to take the nasty pred(shudder)...give him a sympathy kiss for me!

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Hey John,

Both my hips were done in Nov 2006, at the same time. They should have been the same length, off by 1 cm. I knew immidiately that they were different lengths but my doctor insisted it was all in my head. It was really nice to have a surgeon confirm what I've been saying for 4 yrs. My back is totally hosed because of this. I have a large V in my lower back and that is new. I have never been as depressed and dispondent as I was over the results of the surgery. Sometimes I think my lymphoma exactly 1 year later is because of this. But the bright spot, and a big bright spot, is that I can walk, something I couldn't do before.

Thanks friends,

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Good news on your Mammo and your doggies! You are so right about being fair game for every test in the books! With your headaches do you have eye pain too? My Onc. said that's a warning sign, just a heads up........ Take care Leslie, be well Vinny

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I got an 8 day headache after starting this treatment so was ordered an MRI.Interesting as only thing It showed was minimal T2 prologongation within periventricular white matter bilaterally.No concern mentioned even though this was my 2 brain scan and this being new.Plan on asking onc about this next visit.Good luck,Michele DX95 FNHL3

miss maggie
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Dear Leslie,

Why now, do they put something else to worry about? Oh yes, I can understand you not interested in another surgery. Even though I have problems with my right hip. I feel at
this time I can live with it. Good news about the Mammo. You certainly deserve some good
news, wouldn't you say?

I am glad your doctor is on top of your concerns about your headaches. What I don't understand, why is it a concern being woken up from headache pain a reason for concern,
and a red flag? At least he is being cautious ordering a MRI of your brain. If I sleep
incorrectly, or windows closed, and air conditioning can cause me to wake up with a
headache. Also if I eat too much chocolate, MSG in chinese food, or some other food,
stress too can cause headaches at different times of the day or night.

I am so happy about Pipper and Neo. Neo gaining 2 oz is great, and Pipper much better with

Let the good news continue. Love Maggie

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Hi Maggie,

Waking up with a headache is not uncommon and as you mentioned there are lots of reason for getting a headache. The pain in my head woke me up, thought for a few minutes we would be going to the ER. Took some pain meds which is not something I do normally. That's the difference to the doctors and the reason for a red flag. Hope that helped.

Love and blessings to you,

miss maggie
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Dear Leslie,

I know there was a reason for me
posting my thoughts. You mentioned the doctor didn't schedule the MRI for you
yet. I thought to myself, by the time they schedule your MRI, and you actually get
the test, then the waiting game begins. During this time, I wanted to remove some of
your worry for the time being. You would lose so many days and nights filled with additional stress.

I always say, better safe than sorry. Try and not worry meanwhile.

Leslie, are you still getting the headaches. It had to be very bad, if you were thinking of
going to the ER. So sorry for that.

Hopefully everything will be OK. Prayers your way. Love Maggie

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Hi, Leslie,

Now am updated on your condition - wow - real challenging. Hope some days are at least easier for you. Glad to hear Neo and Pipper are better which melts my heart.


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