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port has flipped, on avastin, what to do?

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So my port has flipped over. I have 2 doctors, an oncologist and gyn-onc. One says I can have it surgically flipped back and possibly it needs to be reattached, no problem while on Avastin treatment. The other says, "no" you will have to wait for 28 days after your treatment with Avastin is done. Hummm................ And now my mind is busy wondering how those veins in there are doing all twisted, and does it need to be flushed if it is not being used? and what is more important, correcting the port and stopping the Avastin or visa versa?

The surgeon who put the port in flipped it manually but it went right back. He said this has never happen before, except to another one of his patients 2 months ago. I felt like he was not even aware of the possible side affects of the chemo I was on. He was ready to cut right in the office, not me! I do not trust him.

Another interesting thing, none of the doctors mentioned that maybe it should not have been put in at all since I had my first Avastin 3 days before the port insertion surgery and you can do Avastin IV.

Funny that I ended out in the hospital with neutropenia about 10 days after the port insertion. Humm...........

The hardest part is lossing your confidence in your doctors, but I guess it is a good lesson for me to stay educated and be my own advocate. I think in the long run, that will help me make good decisions about my care on this journey. I need to move it to a positive place. Thank you for listening, and please share any information that will help me with this part of my journey.

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On the website for gyn cancer, Sherry, as more technical information may be available there, too.

While you COULD have done Avastin via IV, they got you ready in case there were other issues (not involving the port flipping).

Anybody else ever heard of this?

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I posted on ovarian cancer also. I was actually looking for a place that was general since many people have ports and many people are now being treated with avastin. Is there such a place?

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