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Brain cancer cure

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Joined: Apr 2009


Anyone tried hemp oil to cure their cancer as stated in these videos:



a lot of research on THC suggests cure.

Thank you.


palmyrafan's picture
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I have never tried it, but I am sure that if it worked, it would have been all over the news by now.

Trust me, I wish it really were that simply.



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Im with palmyrafan on this one

If it really is true then it would have been on the news by now AND literature about that "cure" should be out by now too.


PBJ Austin
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Kishi, in the kindest possible way, please try to maintain a healty amount of cynicism. I understand how hard it is when you or a loved one is suffering from cancer and grasping at straws for a cure. But as others have stated, a cure or even a possible cure would be headline news in the mainstream media, and not something you first heard about on an internet site or youtube. We will all keep hoping and praying for a cure, but in the meantime beware of snake oil salesmen.

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