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Thingy45 update surgery

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marjans daughter
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Well, Mom had her hemi-Colectomy yesterday...
3 hour surgery, Doctor said he removed 1/3 of her colon, a portion of her small intestine, lymph nodes, and 2-3 cm of her rectum.
He said the tumor was almost the size of a baseball!
She is doing amazingly well considering, was up walking against her will (doctors orders) this morning.
She has much pain and a very dry mouth but Looks great!
don't know what the immediate future holds after this healing process, but seeing Mom so strong makes me think, we'll get through this!
I'm soooo very proud of her.
Thanks for all the well wishes, I'll be in touch...


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I am glad to hear such good news.

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sending her big hug!

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Our thoughts and prayers are with your mother and you. Walking helps get rid of the air bubbles and helps get the colon back in place. She will feel it move for a month or so. It was the weirdest feeling. I felt like I had a cat under my skin. lol

Baby steps, a little at a time.
Best Always, mike

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That's good news! I'm glad she is doing so well! Please give her my love.


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Sound like she came thru the surgery well. Give her a hug from us. In the next few days talk to someone about her diet. When she first gets home she will most likely be on a restricted diet for a short while and that way you can get the food she will be able to eat and have it on hand. George was on a no fiber very very soft diet so you will need to read labels on soup and such. Jello and pudding works well also.

Take care - Tina

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"Mom had her hemi-Colectomy yesterday.......
.....was up walking against her will (doctors orders)....."

Amazing, for the "day after"! My surgeons confined me to bed for
the first few days after surgery. They said it was easy to cause
hernias and an increased risk of adhesions, if too much movement
was made too soon after surgery.

Maybe it depends on the individual? Or maybe the surgeon....

I would let my instincts direct my actions; if it hurts, I don't do it.

Best of health!


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Wonderful News. Please give her my love and you get some rest also.
Hugs, Judy

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Make sure they give her something to wrap around her stomach like a brace (all fabric with velcro) they gave that to me to wear for two weeks after surgery to prevent hernia!!!
Glad she did so well!!!!
Winter Marie

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So strange, the things you forget! I had almost forgotten about the brace, but yes, I remember wearing one for several weeks too! It really helped to have that support!

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They didn't tell me to wear a brace and i look like i swallowed a whole melon and its stuck on my right side.The surgeon is going to fix it when he resects the liver.
The onc said it is not worth fixing and the surgeon said OMG u want me to fix that???
Ahh, makes one wonder.

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how your mom is doing. Let her know that she is in our prayers for a speedy recovery!
many hugs to Marjan and you!

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I'm glad your mom came through the surgery in good shape and is doing amazingly well. I know that they like for the patient to be up and moving as soon as possible to get things moving inside.

Hope she recovers quickly.


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Sorry Graci , had to say it....

Now, for the surgery patient, Thingy45 looks like you got good attitude and a will to keep the daughter from worrying about ya, good for you sweetie, you have a wonderful caregiver as well...You 2 will make a great team through this...Love to you both.....buzz

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