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new to caregivers

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Hello all, my name is Misty and I am new to this group. My husband Neil was diagnosed with stage IV SCC of the head and neck, right lympnode involved with unknown primary about 2 months ago. He just had his second round of chemo yesterday and is doing as well as he can be. I search all around this site for advice,answers and comfort. I just want to say thank you to all who are involved with this site and I am happy to be apart of it as well. I am very thankful to have found the caregivers link as I am now one myself to help me along on this journey.

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It's good to meet you Misty. I wish it were for something else, but I have noticed that cancer just doesn't care who it takes. Vent when you need, and ask away as needed. There are other head & neck caregivers here too, me included.

Unfortunately, welcome aboard.

Hugs and loves,

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i found great comfort in this site for all my mood swings all my selfishness and for all the tears. i don't get on as often as i once did. b
just getting on with raising my grand kids and helping my daughter get back to health. she has walk the road and i tried to be there every step of the way. with out my friends here i would not have been able to keep sane. it is a nice place to find that you don't have to explain everything and that all the people are going through the same thing

welcome may you have peace of mind and happness of heart even if it is only for moments

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Welcome Misty, I wish we would not meet this way. I just joined last week but even though I do not take care of my husband any more, I am glad that I can talk to the people who are going or went through what I went through. It helps a lot to deal with sorrow. I just wish that I could have found this site much earlier

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Glad you found this place of wonderful, caring people.

Your husband's cancer sounds similar to my husband's, although we did know the primary site.

Jim completed his treatments last August, and, although they were an endurance test, he is doing well with a clear PET/CT a few weeks ago.

Hang in there - you will get through this and so will he.

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