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I am new to the club, may be joining very late, just because in our country awareness about managing diseases is very low and many people suffer. In jan 2010 my wife was diagnosed with endometrial cancer through DNC fluid specimen. upon advise hysterectomy was carried out,pre and post CT scans revealed the impression primary disease and finally biopsy report declared as adenocarcinoma of stage A-2.During surgery lymph nodes were not removed. Oncologist suggest radiation therapy with CA 125 9.8. Oncologist said, in presence of lymph nodes thirty two shots of normal radiation and two shots of Bracky will be given. There after in April 2010 after radiation she was declared healthy by the doctor. Somewhere after two and a half months she was having abdominal pains and in Sept 2010 upon advise of Gastroenterologist CT scan revealed the re-occurance in the peritoneum with CA 125 was 443. She was given carbo/texol. after two cycles CA 125 went down to 385, after fourth cycle CA125 further down to 335 and after fifth CA125 down to 285. There after six cycle ca 125 had gone up to 360 and the oncologist said that Chemotherapy was not working and she has been given MEGACE 160 twice a day as hormonal therapy. After one month trial of MEGACE ca125 declined to 331 but raised to 474 in the recent test taken on 17th April 2011. Doctor has increased the dosage of MEGACE 160 to thrice a day for a month. Apparent condition of my wife is not very good with pains and occasional fever. I am not sure what tests and medicine may be needed to improve her quality of life. Its my request to all who have gone through this type of cancer and the medical professionals to guide me for getting better results through medicine, diet, alternative medicine etc.

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I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer oct 2009 and when they went in to do surgery found instead of ovarian, I had primary peritoneal cancer. I had surgery then 6 rounds of carbo/taxol, I went into remission which lasted 6 months and cancer returned in Jan of 2011, started on doxil in January and my CA numbers have continued to decrease. Don't know if this would be a chemo they would consider for your wife but I have told by my oncologist that this is a chemo I could take forever.

Hope for all the best to you and your wife. Do you ever get on the chat room for general discussions. You can learn a lot from survivors there.

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My own journey with peritoneal cancer has not really that long started. I was diagnosed around November in 2010, and I've been treated so far only with chemotherapy - carbo/taxol combined. It has worked - so far - very well for me. I've had no surgery or even any scans since the original ones. There's no way of knowing beforehand how any of us will respond to a given chemotherapy or treatment. The best you can do for your wife is to reassure her with your love and keep the doctor aware of how she feels. If she is in pain, he can give her medication to stop that. If she has a fever, then she may need to be on antibiotics. I was told that having a fever was something for which I must return to the hospital immediately. Trust in your doctor nad keep him informed of how your wife feels. I know you must feel helpless as you watch her suffer, but there are medications that can ease her suffering. Make sure that you tell the doctor how she is suffering and ask for help for that along with the other treatments that he wants to give her.

My best wishes to you are your wife,


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