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2 Round - Treatments of R/B

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I pray everyone is doing well out there.

I just wanted to share some good news….Today was my husband’s 2nd round of Ritxuan/Bendamustine (8 hour infusion). I am so happy to report that he did very well. No side effects to mentions, he was even able to go to our grandson's baseball game right after we left the hospital. This is far better then when he had his first Chemo treatments in March. I pray that this continues. Tomorrow he has a 4 hour infusion of Bendamustine and then he has a break until May 23rd. Praying for good result from his CT scan on May 2nd.

My prayers are with you all. God Bless.

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Hi Faith,
That is wonderful to hear. If memory serves me right one of our members named Fran/cookingirl did this same chemo. I hope she will see your post and respond. I love hearing when someone has a good reaction while doing treatments. Thank you for sharing and good luck tomorrow with your husbands 4 hour Bendamustine infusion. I'll be thinking good thoughts for him.
Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)

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Hi Faith,Glad to see your hubby's treatments went well.I on the other hand am just the opposite with "many side effects".So strange how everyone reacts so differently to these drugs.I will say the drugs are doing there magic as my nodes have decreased.Just completed round 4 of 6 last week.Will see next month if onc is going to continue as he says he'll stop if side effects don't cease.Very bad rash on back and neck/head areas with major itching.Sending good thoughts,Michele DX95FNHL3

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Hi Faith, I had 4 rounds of T/R and reached remission. I hope the same is true for your husband. During treatment I had fatigue and nausea and celebrated my daughter's wedding two weeks after my 4th treatment!! I danced all night, and then rested for a week afterwards!!!

my worst side affect achy joints started 3 months after treatment and still have it 6 months later. Michele has the rash/itch, just so you know what others have experienced as Treanda is fairly new in U.S., not much is known or acknowledged from Treanda side affects. not yet anyway..... but it does appear to be the *new* miracle drug for NHL!!

Good Luck

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Thank you Janelle, This is our hope as well to be in remission soon.

His day 2 of Chemo with Bendamustine went well. He came home, spirits good, had a great appetite, went out watered the lawn and hasn't mentioned once about being fatiged. I pray that his high energy/good spirits contiune. Now we wait until our May 2nd CT scan.

Sending you all up lifting prayers.

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Yes, it is strange how everyone reacts differently and I am so sorry to hear that your treatment with Treanda/Rituxan is giving you problems. But on the good note, the wonderful news is that your nodes are decreasing in size. This is great!!!! I will keep you in my prayers, God Bless.

miss maggie
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Dear Faith,

I just want you know how happy and pleased I was reading your post. It is so encouraging
to others that might need this treatment also, Bendamustine. It is wonderful your
husband was able to enjoy your grandson's baseball game and not be ill.

Love Maggie

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