how do I speed up 1st visit to a new Thoracic oncologist to get started

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I had a brain met removed am hme and wish to get started but am stymied by May 17 1st date with thoracic oncologist should I seek help at another Dr.


  • soccerfreaks
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    To be honest, the likelihood that you could get a sooner date by going to a different doctor is probably somewhere between slim and none.

    The horrible fact is that cancer is quite the fad and is overpopulating our hospitals and our Chemo Palaces and our Imaging Centers and whatnot, so that our doctors are doing their very best, for the most part, to get us in.

    Too, your doctors are probably comfortable with the notion that your cancer will do nothing drastic between now and what is 'merely' about three weeks from now.

    Our unofficial theme song here (self-proclaimed, I admit) is Tom Petty's The Waiting is the Hardest Part. And so it is.

    The only reason I can think of to change doctors at any time is a lack of faith and trust in the ones you have now (even disliking a diagnosis is not usually a good reason to change doctors: why shoot the messager?).

    Hang in there!

    Take care,