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Busy busy

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I know I havent posted in awhile but I have been busy. Upon taking care of my dad, I study for school in what little spare time i have and also try to go to a friends house once acouple weeks. My dad which has stage 4 nsclc, is doing well. He went to his oncologist today which I am awaiting for his return to hear what kind of treatment they are going to go with. Unfortunately I couldnt go because I am under the weather. He gets his stitches out tomorrow, which i am sure he is happy about that. He has been depressed and snappy towards my mom and I but i can only imagine what is going thru his head right now so i just brush it off. I try not to get snappy with him because that wont help the situation. But otherwise my dad is healthy as a ox besides having cancer. His slurred speech has gone away and his headaches have gone as well. Now just have to await when he starts treatment. Thank you all that has giving their support and advice to me and my family. It is much appreciated. I will probably be posting a update on my fathers treatments either tomorrow or the day after. Just depends when i can get on next. Hope you all have a nice evening!!

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