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rapid heartbeat

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Recently I have been having a rapid and irregular heartbeat accompanied with severe dizziness. My neck has hurt since my surgery April 6th. Has anyone had these symptoms? This has sent me to the emergency room twice, once in an ambulance.

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How much thyroid replacement are you on...
Symptoms of high thyroid levels include headache, chest pain, increased pulse rate, rapid or irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, trembling, sweating, diarrhea, weight loss.

have they checked for Anemia (both iron and copper deficencies)

The symptoms of anemia are: rapid heart beat, dizziness upon standing, reduced capacity to exercise, reduced endurance, elevated heart rate when exercising and failure of the heart to return to a normal rate in a reasonable time upon exercise cessation, low physical energy, low mental energy ("brain fog"), feeling of unease which is alleviated by a period of breathing deeply, inability to fall asleep or to sleep well (insomnia), waking up gasping for breath, and an increase of all these symptoms when traveling to a higher altitude (vacationing in the mountains).


Women in their child-bearing years need more iron and copper than women at other ages and men at any age because of the monthly blood loss during menstruation. Pregnancy, child-birth, and nursing place additional mineral drains on this group of women. This age group of women is the same group that is 8-10 times more likely to get thyroid diseases and autoimmune diseases.

When a otherwise healthy teenage girl gets hyperthyroidism right after beginning her period, then it has to be the result of a deficiency of minerals that are depleted by the blood loss. What other explanation could there be? When a woman develops hyperthyroidism during pregnancy or breast feeding, it also indicates a deficiency.

Who else gets anemic and gets thyroid disease? People who exercise excessively like Olympic athletes and they often get anemia and hyperthyroidism. Older men and women, especially if they don't eat much red meat (iron) or drink much beer (copper). Also, people with poor digestion such as those with celiac disease.

check your lab results... and ask yourself what have the docs and ER people said they think it is??

again to me it sounds like it could be your on too high a thyroid replacement and/or you may have anemia.

um dizzyness may also be calcium related.. eithor way be sure to check your labs


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Those sound like all my symptoms.I am seeing an Endo tomorrow (finally) so I'll have her check it. My GP says my thyroid levels are still low after surgery. He raised from 137 to 150. I am already taking 7200 mcg of calcium daily. I was just curious if anyone else was dealing with this stuff.

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Yes - since my last surgery I've had the rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, but only occasional dizziness. Looking at the response has helped - I will get checked for anemia. I have an appointment on Wednesday anyway.



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I have panic attacks, rapid heartbeats, it feels like it's thumping against my chest and these symptoms worsen right before my mentstrual cycle. I have valium I can take when I need it and one night I had to take 15 mg before I could slow my heart rate. They put me on a beta blocker, but I didn't take it since I usually have low blood pressure and was scared that it would lower it more. They wanted me to monitor it, but since the heart palpitations and panic attacks mainly occured before my cycle I opted to just take valium as I needed it. They have my taking higher doses of synthroid to supress any cancer growths from popping up and they say that is why I have the panic attacks and palpitations. You are not alone....
Good luck!

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