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Cancer Treatment Centers of America

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Does anyone here have any info on these folks with regards to Ovarian Cancer....My wife is going to be treated by the Head of Gyn Oncology at Emory University.....I feel much more confident things will turn out ok when we go in for her consult and tests....But I still am interested in any info on the CTCA

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Hello Al327,

There is a wonderful lady named Dawn, who I have connected with who has chronicled her cancer journey with Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

She is known nationally and is one of the many spokespersons for this center. She articulates very well her satisfaction with CTCA.

Even though she is dealing with a very rare form breast cancer, I have provided a link to some of her videos for you and hopefully, you can gain some insite into CTCA.

I myself am being treated by Texas Oncology here in Austin, Texas of whom which I am very pleased with.

Best wishes to you and your wife and I hope the following link helps you in some way at least.



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I have heard that they are not "in network" for many health insurance plans, but that may or may not concern you. Personally, I was more interested in finding a highly recommended doctor than choosing a treatment center. I would not just call up MD Anderson, for example, and ask them to treat me.

My local doctor is with Texas Oncology (the Bedford office), but I sought him out specifically. I didn't care which practice he was associated with. I asked my Gyn, who would you send your wife to if she had ovarian cancer? Then I called my gastroenterologist's office and asked his nurse to find out who he would want to treat his wife, if she had ovarian cancer. They all named the same guy my PCP had referred me to. (I tried to ask my Orthopedist the same thing, but he was out of towm.)


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I am assuming that your oncologist is in your network--what if he wasn't? Do you think it would have made a difference in your choice of oncologist?

I really feel for those people who have no insurance so there is nobody in their network. When I see the EOBs that show the original bill & then the discounted bill, it makes me realize what a racket our US healthcare business is...sigh

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LQ....Mecicare doesn't really have a network. Most gyn/onc accept Medicare. I have a neighbor, however, who was referred to my (local) doctor after her diagnosis. She was on one of the Medicare alternative plans and he is not in her network. She paid the difference out of pocket, then changed to standard Medicare on Jan 1st. I would likely have done the same.

I too am very sympathetic to those with no insurance. We are the richest society in the history of the world. No one should be dying in the USA for lack of health insurance. It's disgraceful.


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Hi Al327

I'm sorry that you and your wife are fighting this disease. I currently go to CTCA - but didn't start off there. I had been to two other gynecologic oncologists (university) prior to CTCA.

What I really like about CTCA is the way that they incorporate other support personnel (nutrition, naturopath, mind body, etc.) into the whole treatment protocol. Those additional services can help minimize side effects, and got me to become an active participant in my treatment. My first two doctors either couldn't or wouldn't answer my questions about food and nutrition choices, acupuncture, reiki, etc. In addition, my doctor at CTCA really took the time to explain everything to me, including showing me the scans. I get my test results very quickly (blood tests the same day, scans the next day), which reduces the stress of waiting for results.

The bottom line is to find a doctor and team that you are comfortable with. Never ever be afraid to get more opinions!

Good luck in finding your 'dream team' for treatment!

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Survivingovca defined CTCA perfectly. I am a patient @ the center and have been very pleased. I also like how every employee of the center(from the registration desk to the Dr. office) is always encouraging, positive and helpful. Having hope and a positive attitude is an important part of our treatment.

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My mother has cancer and prognosis is pretty bad. We made appt. with the cancer center of America. It just seemed like such a big ordeal. Three days driving to the city to do all these tests and have like homeopathic treatment and pastoral help. Also who wants to be stuck in traffic to go and get tests or chemo when your sick. Our oncologist said they are not reputable to doctors around our area. They just want alot of money with all their new commercials and such. I agree with the second opinion but we are gonna go to University of Pennsylvania. Our oncolgist sent her to one of the top ten docs in Philadelphia and she does not work for the cancer center of America. Plus, we can get her tests and chemo hear in out town because they are offiliated with so many local hospitals.
What i am getting at is that if someone has cancer it does not matter sometimes on how many commercials someplace does. Go with what she wants and what feels comfortable. Sometimes flashy is not always better

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