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im sure we have all read the symptoms of stomach cancer.
.vomiting with/ or without blood
.feeling full after a light meal
.blood in stool
.excessive belching
.pain in abdominal or back
...and so forth.
My question is, how often you did you guys, or your loved ones suffer from these things? were you vomiting on a daily basis or only occasionally? did the indegestion last right up until being diagnosed? was the pain constant?

I have posted details of my fathers case already under the posting "has anyone been diagnosed stage 3 or 4 with such minimal symptoms?" last night my father vomited an hour after eating as if there was, theoretically, an obstruction in the stomach (such as a tumor) and after he ate there wasnt enough room so the body forces him to throw up to make room hence vomiting is a symptom. he has only vomited twice this year (last night included) since being a suspected stomach cancer sufferer, first time with blood and last night there was none.

I am looking to form my own opinion based on the experience from those with first hand experience, any piece of information, no matter how miniscule, would be of great help.



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    My husband had minimal
    My husband had minimal symptoms before being diagnosed. He had always had some acid reflux, so there was no change here. If anything, it seemed a bit better a few months before he was diagnosed. About 2 months before he was diagnosed, he noticed he wasn't able to eat as much as he used to be able to eat. This was only a slight change and similar to when he got to be about 35 years old (he was 54 this time), so he figured it was just another age thing. About 3 weeks before the diagnosis, he started to feel nauseated, but thought he was getting the flu as a number of people in the area were getting it. About 2 weeks before being diagnosed, he started to not be able to eat much at all with the last couple of days doing some vomiting.

    I was away for work but thankfully, my trip was cut short (my husband told me all was OK when I would call home so I did not know he was sick). When I got home (only gone the two weeks) he had lost about 15 pounds and felt bad. We got him to the Dr. who sent him for an upper GI. Test came back that he had a hiatel hernia, gave him medication for it, did nothing and a few days later he was getting an endoscopy. That is when we found out how bad things were; CAT Scan, blood test, PET Scan, biopsy - stage 4 stomach cancer.

    This is a very aggressive cancer with practically no notice/symptoms. If you suspect this, insist on the blood test for the stomach cancer markers, an endoscopy, and PET Scan at the very least. Do not take no for an answer. I wish you and your fatther the best.
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    My 32 y/o sister went to the ER because of chronic, extreme back pain, low appetite, some heartburn and nausea. The docs thought it may be pancreatitis and did surgery to remove her gall bladder. Within 2 weeks, her pain had increased and she was constantly vomiting. They ran tests, scans and nothing came back problematic. She had a colonoscopy and endoscopy and that is when they found a large tumor in her stomach. I can say that she has always had a pretty small appetite, despite being quite overweight. I don't know how long she had felt the nausea, but she had complained of back pain for some time, maybe 2 years or longer. It was never severe enough for her to seek medical attention though. Who's to say how long this tumor has been growing, but in hindsight, I believe that had she gone to the doctor sooner, it's slightly possible that it could have been caught in the early stages... she was diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer which has spread to her lymph nodes. Of course, when you go to a doctor, they will start looking at the simplest, easiest and most likely causes. Just like with my baby sis, they immediately removed the gall bladder and blamed pancreatic problems *she did have elevated blood levels to indicate pancreatitis*, but looking for cancer is not going to be their first priority. Your dad knows his body best. If he has symptoms, get him to a doc and don't be satisfied with the diagnosis if he feels like it's too simplistic. Eight weeks ago, my sister had never had anything more serious than strep throat in her entire life. 6 weeks ago she was prepping for gall bladder removal, 3 weeks ago, she underwent a hundred different tests, bloodwork, and scans. 2 1/2 weeks ago, she was diagnosed with this evil disease. It is unfathomable how it all could have happened, so I can only suggest that if your body doesn't seem right, seek and demand any and every test available until you get an accurate and undeniable diagnosis.
    Sorry if I rambled, but my emotions are all over the place. I hope you can find out what is wrong very soon, and I pray that it is a simple problem and not the nightmare of cancer.
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    "has anyone been diagnosed stage 3 or 4 with such minimal sympt

    My dad is in hospital from last two months before that he was never hospitalized due to any kind of disease from last 30 years.now he was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach Cancer having a tumor of 10 *6.5 * 7.5 cms in Pet scan.would like to share that before this tenure he was feeling pain in his upper abdominal from last two months.he ignored it totally as he thought it could be gastric issue & will be settled on his own.There was no indications like vomiting,indigestion & bleeding in stool.all we know is that there is pain in abdominal for 10 to 15 minutes which increasing day by day.We have never thought of that it could be cancer. Doctor are helpless they are not even able to give him relief from pain.done two chemo's but all in vain tumor is still growing.In the meantime Blood pressure & Sugar was also there to make it a worst situation for him.now he is living in anisette or in unconsciousness with moving hands & legs while lying on the bad.its very hard time for us also.we have lost our hope.world has been into the moon but they are not able to find the assured cure for cancer.It seems to be like god is nowhere...

    Hope your dad is doing well!