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Happy Easter

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Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009

Hope you all have time, taste buds, and energy to have a nice Easter! I hope you day is filled with remembrance, love and laughter. Hugs!


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Posts: 3642
Joined: Apr 2010

I hope each and every one has a wonderful Easter. Those of us with family coming together may the joy of being around your loved ones fill you with happiness. And for those who may be spending the day alone, you're not, we're thinking of you, sitting next to you for the first morning cup of coffee, sitting in silence, just enjoying those first few moments of the day with you (please wear a robe).
Love to you all.
Winter Marie

Posts: 1154
Joined: Jun 2010

Happy Easter to you and everyone!

lisa42's picture
Posts: 3661
Joined: Jul 2008

Happy Easter to you too, Raquel! And to everyone else, also!
And to those fellow believers... "He is risen!"
Bask in the day... :)


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Posts: 358
Joined: Aug 2010

Thanks to all and happy Easter!!!!

pete43lost_at_sea's picture
Posts: 3908
Joined: Nov 2010

its a lovelly day here,
happy easter and victor over death for us christians,

love pete

jjaj133's picture
Posts: 869
Joined: Mar 2011

Happy Easter Everyone!!!
I wish you all things good. Especially lots of peeps!

johnnybegood's picture
Posts: 1122
Joined: Oct 2008

hope everyone has a wonderful day....Godbless...johnnybegood

Buzzard's picture
Posts: 3073
Joined: Aug 2008

May your celebration be very special to each of you. Love to all......buzz

Posts: 1428
Joined: Feb 2011

Happy Easter everyone....beautiful day today :)

Annabelle41415's picture
Posts: 6711
Joined: Feb 2009

Happy Easter. What a glorious day.


Posts: 457
Joined: Dec 2010

Dear Raquel,

Happy Easter to you and others on the board. I hope all of you have a good one with lots of love and happiness.

Good health and positive spirit with you all.
Love Dora

tootsie1's picture
Posts: 5065
Joined: Feb 2008

We had a lovely day. Started with the sunrise service (I sang "In the Garden"), then Sunday School and the regular church service. And then one of our grandsons called and asked if we wanted to come over for dinner (he's almost 4). I asked if they wanted me to bring anything, he said, "Teabags (we love to have tea together), toys, and water." *L*


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Posts: 1729
Joined: Nov 2001

At easter I was always on the the water with my mates enjoy the fishing. This year I haven't spoken to a soul in four days. I've read three novels,watched a movie and a couple of documentaries on tv, just another of the legacies of cancer ,learing to live alone.Ron.

plh4gail's picture
Posts: 1238
Joined: Oct 2010

Ron, come to California and Raquel and I will take you to visit some of the Cali csn family. Won't we Rachel? :)

Love and hugs, Gail

plh4gail's picture
Posts: 1238
Joined: Oct 2010

You are so sweet! I hope your Easter was great!

Love and hugs, Gail

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