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>>>.>which is better every 2 weeks or every 3 weeks for Chemo<<<<<<<<

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Wow i had my second chemo after only 2 weeks and i am so sick it is day 5 and still can't eat or get around. They were going to do me every 3 weeks and changed there mind I think I need to go 3 so I have time to get strong 2 weeks has been rough on me in so many ways yuk my stomach is so bad........

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I think it depends on the dosage. If memory serves me right (my last chemo was in 07) there was some info about less dosage/more frequently having a higher success rate. I brought this to the attention of my oncologist and he said for us (norther British Columbia) it was logistics that prevented them from using that method. People travel from isolated communities scattered across the north to one major cancer agency which would be expensive and difficult for many people. So mine was every 3wks. I wonder if that's what they have in mind for you since your blood work must have been OK for them to give you the second round. Ask them about it and let them know how you're feeling so they can advise what meds to take to see you through it. Hope you get some relief soon...

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My chemo was every 2 weeks with a shot of neulasta the day after tx. There were some weeks when it had to be postponed due to high white counts or high Liver function tests. During those times I would go every 3 weeks. I am the type that wants to get it over with as quickly as possible, so the every 2 weeks worked for me. HOWEVER, they were NOT pain free. I took all my anti-emetics as indicated and even took narcotics after a while for the intense joint pain (from Taxol and Neulasta) I was slightly nauseous but never vomited. The worst was the joint pain. The decision is really up to you and your MO. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Good Luck.

Be Well,

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I think whether you get dose-dense (every 2 weeks) chemo depends on how aggressive your cancer is. It was my impression that the more aggressive it is, they give chemo every 2 weeks rather than 3. I had A/C every 2 weeks, then Taxol every 2 weeks. It took about 6 hours every time I went. And just about the time I was starting to feel good again, I'd have to go right back to another chemo session. There was no down time to recover. I got a Neulasta shot 24 hours after chemo. My RX was Stage 3, triple negative, with an 8cm tumor. The chemo shrank it down to 1/2 cm, and then surgery and radiation followed. I think that is pretty typical of triple negative at higher stages, from what I've seen on this site from other triple negative sisters. Linda

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mine was stage 1 with the her2 double negative and the limpnodes all clear i am getting 4 roundsdox& cyclop then 4 rounds of paclitaxel then 30 rounds rad then herceptin for one year plus i will be taking arimidox for 5 years

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I meet very few people who've had a tumor as large as mine. I was classed as Stage IIB, and I am triple negative as well.

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and it really helped with the nausea. I never got sick again after I started taking that!! Compazine didn't work for me - that was the first anti-nausea drug they gave me but as soon as I switched to Zofran it worked great for me. Maybe that would help with your stomach.

love and light,

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I got my chemo every 3 weeks ad it still kicked my butt. they have a new drug that they wear on your back to help with getting sick to your stomach but still got sick. everyone is different and they may see how you handle things before they decide on either 2 or3
enjoy your day

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please make sure you tell them how badly you feel. they a lot of medicines now that they have samples of that you can try. I went every 3 weeks because chemo kicked my butt and it made things better. be your own advocate.
good luck

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I go every 2 weeks 4 down 4 to go it has really kicked my butt as well ended up taking a short term leave after #3 hoping to just be off about 6-8 weeks. The worst was it effected my sinus so bad and with the weather being so crappy didn't help. Hang in there I really feel your pain I spend many hours on the couch which is killing me. Try and keep some individual snacks on hand cinnamon apple sauce really helped as well as jello and cup of soups.Hope you feel better soon Di

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Hoping the chemo will get easier for you. Always tell your oncologist how you are feeling. There are so many meds out there to help you.

Hugs, Diane

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I did 4 dense dose A/C neo-adjunct. I did 12 weekly Taxol post surgery.

No matter what we do - it is hard on us but our bodies are different as is our Cancer. Talk to you Drs and listen to them.

For stomach 'yuk' - take all the meds they give you! I am one of the fortunate - I never had any stomach issues through all 16 of my chemos - for the first 10 I did take all my meds but the last 6 I didn't by my choice - never had any upset but then I never had 'morning sickness' either with either Son.

Talk to (and listen to) your Drs - not ony are we each individual but our cancers are too - I'm IBC.

Remember - the sooner you finish TX the sooner you return to the new 'normal'.


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I did the AC every 3 weeks. I admit I preferred it. THe week after chemo I felt terrible, ulcerated throat and stomach amoungst other things and spent a lot if time in bed. The second week I started feeling a little better but was still edgy, the third week I could have a pretty normal week.

Taxol (and Herceptin) I had every week. That was fine for me. I was almost back to normal a few days afterwards except for the last couple of weeks of chemo.

I was stage 3a her2+. It really depends on your Oncologist and diagnosis as to how they choose to administor treatment. However it doesn't hurt to ask your Oncologist if it is possible to do it differently. I asked mine for a 4 week break between my last AC and my first Taxol and he was alright with that. It did me a lot of good to have that break, got to enjoy memorial day weekend last year and feel pretty normal for a couple of weeks before starting up again.

Wish you well for you chemo, I found the AC difficult but the Taxol was far more doable. Take care and hang in there you are half way through (assuming you are doing 4 rounds of AC). Talk to your Onc.

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I had 4 infusions every two weeks. Then they started me once a week, but the drug I was taking then was not as intense as the "cocktail" I was taking.

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I had my infusions every two weeks; 4 infusions of A/C & 4 infusions of Taxol. I was down and out for 4 to 5 days following each treatment. So, by the time it was time to go back... I was much better ~ then, the process was repeated. I was glad for 2 wks apart rather than 3 - because I wanted to get it over with. And I did.

Best of luck to you.

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