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How are you handling Easter?

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My husband and I always traveled around Easter, so I am reminded of where we were last year and how happy we felt. Sundays are always hard for me because he died on a Sunday, but I think Easter Sunday will be very painful. I picture us sitting in a restaurant last year with no thought of the possibility that it would be Bob's last Easter. I guess that I will feel this way on every "first" holiday and anniversary. It's so hard. I just miss him so much.

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Pat was not into holidays, so Easter was a non-event in our house. With him gone, I truly don't know what to do with myself. Maybe cook a ham, maybe watch the Ten Commandments, maybe just sit in a corner and bawl. I'll find out tomorrow.

Sorry I don't have something uplifting to say, of the anniversaries and holidays think this one is the one that has sucked the most so far.

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Buddy died last year and I also do not know what do tomorrow, maybe I just cry ... My daughter and I are alone It was always just the three of us now it's just two............

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I will be going to a sunrise service and then a 9am service at our church. Two of my granddaughters will go to the 9:00 service with me. The sunrise service is held in the cemetery where Dpug's ashes are buried. I rarely go there because I don't believe he is really there, but I will visit his spot and his stone with Daffy Duck on it. In my faith tradition, Easter is a special day to remember Jesus. It is about redemption, life after death, and God's love for us. I don't want to sound preachy, but Easter means more to me now than it ever did. It is a family time and I will be with family. It is also a time for praise, celebration, and thanksgiving. Fay

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luz del lago
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Tomorrow will be the first Easter in 29 yrs that I will wake and not find a sweet Easter basket at the foot of my bed! You see, for all our married life, the "Easter bunny" would bring us a little something, too. Not just our kids! My basket would be filled with peeps and wonderful colors of new nail polishes! Dennis' would be filled with sport related trinkets and his favorite "Cadbury eggs"!

Of course, this Holiday was about our Faith, but there was food, egg hunts and happiness always! Oh, and how Dennis loved the hard boiled eggs, he actually was the one to boil and color them for most of the years.

Today I took my precious baby granddaughter to an egg hunt at church. She looked precious and we both had a lovely time. Tomorrow, since her daddy has to work, and my daughter, Auntie, has to also, I will be surprising my family by bringing her with me! I know they will be over-joyed and we will have a wonderful time. She continues to ask where her Grampy is. We tell her that he is in heaven with Jesus, but that she can always talk to him and he will know. She then says, " Love you, Grampy"!

My prayer and wish for you all is, that even if it is the smallest of joys, that you are blessed with a peace, a comfort, a smile tomorrow. Happy Easter, dear ones.

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tanker sgv
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Last Easter, my Mom cooked a huge feast and we celabrated her victory over cancer and the joy of being done with chemo.it was the first happy holiday scince her diagnosis and the start of many to come. Then the cancer came back and she passed in November. I miss hearing her in the kitchen singing along with the radio. But what I miss most is how she would always tell me and my brother "its just the three of us and together we can get through anything " I wont hear those words tonight at dinner.

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would hide the eggs for the 2 grandkids and then help them eat there candy we went to the cemetary and i fould a bunny picture on those little windmils and put it on his headstone just another sad day for me but got threw it thanks to my grandkids


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