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RCC Nephrectomy Dec 1, 2006 Everett, WA 10.5cm, FNG 4 w. sarcomatoid features. Now 68 feel like 20.

Jim C
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Stage IV at dianosis. Lung matastasis present at diagnosis was removed 2 years out. Did some Sutent early on. DCA. Fresh squeezed vegetable juice. Suppliments. Strict vegan diet.

Doctors are amazed but smirk at diet, DCA, suppliments. Evidently they are great believers in luck and/or prayer. I will share additional diet and suppliment details if there is interest.

Budwig inspired (cottage cheese/flax oil)mixed w. diced fresh fruit for breakfast, coffee

16-20oz. fresh squeezed raw vegetable juice,


about 20 vitamins/food suppliments washed down w. grapefruit juice containing about 1/8 teaspoon dicloroacetate (DCA)

I am as active as when I was 20.

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good for yout

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Hi Jim,
I am glad that you are sharing you're diet health program. I think because most people dont understand the healing powers of diet they disregard it. Doctor's def. wont give it it's due credit bcuz it is not a money maker and they work with and for big Drug companies. Please keep it up I appreciate it..

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What supplements are you taking?

Jim C
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I have absolutely no idea if any of these have any positive affect but I would not give them up now considering that I should have survived no more than 36 months according to statistacal data I have found online. I take one each a day regardless of recommended dose. These are in addition to DCA which I cannot purchase at the Vitamin Shoppe.

C-1000 (w. rose hips)
Vitamin D3
Magnesium Citrate
Ginseng Complex
Dong Quai
Grape Seed Extract
Elderberry Extract
Green Tea Extract
Ginkgo Biloba Extract
Ginger Root
Turmeric Extract
Mushroom Complex

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Hey! I had stage 4 and am also from Everett. I'm just 26 but it's nice to know someone nearby has dealt with things similarly.

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Hi Jim,

I'm now 64 and started this journey much the same as you. But now I'm stage 4 MRCC. Left kidney out in '06, 2 years later radiation for met to the spine, 2 years later adrenal out, now new met to other adrenal.

Because we'd rather not lose the other adrenal I was started on Sutent, just off my first cycle, but I doubt that I'll be able to survive many cycles of that terrible stuff.

I appreciate your post because it got me looking. A big help has been the info on the Canadian site http://www.medicorcancer.com

My question is how long have you been using the DCA?

I've pretty much switched over to a diet similar to yours. I will see the oncologist end of next week and intend to press for the pharmaceutical DCA as treatment for a mitochondrial malfunction, which, cancer apparently is. If I can't get it there then I'll use one of the online sites.
Amazon even has it for crying out loud!

I can't thank you enough for speaking up and demonstrating that we don't have to just sit back and let it happen. I, for one, am tired of the "Be strong and have faith in the doctors" approach. I want to do something dammit!

After doing my homework it seems quite apparent that Big Pharma is subverting any attention and funding for DCA for obvious reasons. Sutent is $8800 per cycle. DCA is $100.

I know there a lot of people out there grabbing at anything that offers even the shadow of a hope. But I think that in the case of DCA, if one isn't too far along already, we may have a substantial chance of at least some success. That's a hell of a lot more than I've had lately.

Keep up the good fight.

If there are those that are interested in how it goes for me let me know and I'll update as long as possible.

Sandpoint, Idaho

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It turns out that Jim C is in the business of selling DCA.
It's questionable as to whether or not he is actually a cancer suffer.
Not to say that there isn't potential in DCA, BUT, one should proceed with caution.

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I was wondering when he paired "strictly vegan" with cottage cheese.

Jim C
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Yes, of course the cottage cheese is dairy and not vegan. It is inspired by the Budwig diet and is the only dairy I consume. I feel like such a phony, will you ever forgive me?

Jim C
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"It turns out" that Idaholar is lost and on the wrong discussion board. He actually has a brain tumor which has completely replaced his brain.

It's questionable as to whether or not he is actually conscious.

Not to say that there isn't potential for his soul, BUT, one should proceed with caution when admitting to taking DCA because a brainless zombie (who has no idea who you are) may claim if you are medicating yourself with a substance you must also be dealing in it.

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