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Wide awake

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Hi all,

Here I am, wide awake. Trying to sort out what lies ahead. I'm sure that this is not the best time for sorting, but what else is there to do in the middle of the night.
Walked the dog a little longer tonight , hoping I would be so tired and fall right asleep. Nope. I'm super tired, but thats nothing new, but not sleepy. House is so quiet.
If any of you night owls are awake, so am I...

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I am wide awake as well,but getting ready to turn in. Its 5am here on the East coast and calling for great weather all week. I know its a lot to sort out,but its one thing at a time. So easy to say when its someone else I know,but we think about you all the time. I have to keep everything on a serious level here or the post might evaporate. Happening way to often lately. I hope I get this tO post. I wrote it all down so I wouldn't forget what I said. Shame ain't it. John(FNHL-1-4A-5/10)

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I feel that frustration.Went 4 days nearly 5 at that 2 hrs a night only sleeping.Takes the body and mind to a whole new level.Hope you'll soon get some rest.Take care,Michele DX95FNHL3

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I am sorry you are not able to sleep worth a damn lately. I wish I had the solution. The best thing for me is a hot bath about an hour and a half before bedtime. Someone told me once it's the equivalent of a sleeping pill.

Only other thing I could suggest would be Nyquil lol.

Have you called your doctor maybe asking for something to help you sleep?

Take Care,

miss maggie
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Dear John,

I am no computer expect. I am sure you are more adapt at the computer than me.

I learned my lesson months ago. I typed a long reply, clicked post comment, nothing happened and my post disappeared.

Now when I post, I highlight the complete post and click copy. This way if the post disappears, I have the option to paste my message onto to another REPLY window..

Hope everything is well with you. Love Maggie

miss maggie
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Dear Lisha,

I can understand it with all that's on your mind.

Let me try another suggestion for a good night's sleep. Since judging by
your picture, you don't have a problem with weight. 2 or 3 hours before
bedtime, have a bowl of cereal, and red seedless grapes. It works for me.
If your medication allows, have a small glass of red wine an hour or so
before bedtime.

Worth trying. Love Maggie

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Hi Lisha,
I was up late also. I've developed this little habit of taking a cat nap every night after diner. It seems since having chemo and now on the Rituxan maint, I can't keep my eyes open by late afternoon. Usually I only dose off for 45 minutes or so, but lately it's been more like 1 to 2 hours. I'm going to start taking a short walk after diner and see if that helps. My pee clock goes off every morning between 7 and 8 and after that I can rarely fall back asleep, but by then it's time to be up. It's hard to function though when I have one of those nights where I'm up until 2 or 3 in the a.m. Last night I read until 2:00 and then up this morning by 7:30...feel pretty good though. I'm sorry your going through this. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)

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Guess I just might catch that Easter bunny.Maybe I should become a newspaper carrier as they are up all hrs of the night.LOL Have a beautiful day all.Hugs,Michele DX95FNHL3

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