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Has anyone heard from BlueRoses?

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Has anyone heard from BlueRoses? Its been a while since I have seen any posts from her.


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Thanks for asking after me. I haven't been on alot lately because I have been planning a move and have been really tired. I have also had alot of testing being done for new sypmtoms, you know how it goes, it's always something it seems. Tests are coming back wonky on this and that, no diagnosis have been made and I hope there are none. It goes on and on eh? lol

How have you been? I just couldn't sleep this morning so checked in to see what was up on the site and noticed a woman from my province and country who was having heart issues, no doubt from adriamycin like I did so had to post to her trying to help her out and let her know what is up in our country too on a site similar to this one that is run out of our big cancer hospital here.

So what's new with you? Haven't heard how you are doing either. Let me know okay, I was wondering about you the other day in fact.

Thanks again for asking about me, I appreciate it.



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Oh I am so happy to see you. I was worried. So sorry you are having new symptoms. Yes, I did see your response from the young lady with the heart palpitation. That's how I found out you were ok (yea)

I'll be sending good thoughts your way. Keep fighting.

I am doing well. I continue my maintenance of Rituxin. Tonight I attending teleconference on ASH updates. Its always best to keep up with the newest chemos and processes when it comes to blood cancers.

Take care, words can not express how happy I am to see you.

Take care.

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